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Video personalization is all about being relevant. We help you to automatically adapt your online video’s to your clients preferences and make sure people watch it in the right place on the right time.

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How we personalize video


Our dynamic video advertising solution helps you to get more out of your online video ad spending. Why make one video for many, if you can make a personal and relevant AD for each individual viewer? We ensure the viewer will see the most relevant version of the video AD. We match relevant data (e.g. from Facebook or DSP data) to relevant messages (scenes, text, audio, etc.) in the video AD. We can ‘adapt’ an existing video or start from scratch.

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More results from your customer journeys by integrating personal video and distribute them automatically on the moments it matters the most. Whether it’s about better onboarding of new customers, increasing revenue from existing customers, or convert that dropped basket, we make sure that we increase your conversion continiously.

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Maximize conversion and create optimal engagement. Together with your creative partner we make sure we don’t just tell the viewer your message, but we let them experience it and encourage them to act. Whether its creating awareness via Facebook, getting new opt-ins for your email base or driving sales within your webshop, we know how to apply personal video to create stunning business cases.

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Strategy & Journey

Success is never determined by one single factor. Therefore we understand the importance of a strong strategy, a well designed customer journey and clearly defined touchpoints to determine if, how and when personal video will work for you. We have the people, the process and the tools to support you during this fase.

Creativity & Content

We know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to personal video. By working together with your creative agency or one of our trusted partners, we create concepts and video content that reach, touch and move your customers and give them the experience they deserve.

Create & Distribute

We have the video-tech to create personalized video’s either in real time or on a set moment in time. Our video output is suitable for distribution across any channel. This can be on both paid as well owned media channels. Think about the impact of placing personal video’s directly on facebook timelines, in email inboxes or as a push notification via your mobile app.

Measure & Learn

Things change, so we better be agile. Therefore we are keen on measuring everything we do. Based on your goals we determine the key metrics and improve as we go. You have our full commitment on getting the best results possible and reach your goals. Always.


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