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Creative Marketing Operations Platform

Gain control of your entire marketing operations.

Plan campaigns, brief projects and manage all your workflows from one platform, increasing collaboration between teams and your speed to market.  


across campaign workflows


campaign workflows across all brands, teams and agencies.


campaign planning and manage resources to stay within budget.

Set up

your teams for a successful, sustainable and scalable future. 

How it works

Plan campaigns

Get a clear status overview of all tasks via a drag and drop collaborative timeline.

Brief projects

Define project objectives, budget, deliverables and timelines.

Assign tasks

Manage team and individual responsibilities, with concrete tasks, subtasks, descriptions and deadlines.

Budget resources

Optimise your budget while viewing local rates for asset production and ensure your campaigns will always be delivered on-time and on-budget.

Approve content

Comment directly on creative assets (like specific scenes in videos) as part of your reviewal process, along with assigning reviewing parties and their deadlines.

Smart Storage (DAM)

Store, tag, search, adapt and manage your creative assets in bulk, securely. 

Powerful Analytics

Track costs, content usage and performance throughout your project’s life cycle.


Brief, plan, adopt and deliver content across brands, departments and agencies with 25+ integrations. 

Project briefing

Define project objectives, budget, deliverables and timelines.

Project planning

Click on any project to see its details and status via a collaborative task viewer.


Comment directly on scenes in videos as part of your reviewing process, along with assigning review tasks with deadlines to your approval partners. 

Budget estimates

Optimise your budget while viewing local rates for asset production, ensuring your campaigns will always be delivered on budget.

Filter content

Automatically tag projects with taxonomy to ensure data quality for projects and creative assets.

Brief external collaborators

Liaise with internal or external stakeholders or suppliers by giving them appropriate access, within the creative asset’s life cycle.

Updating local teams

Add local, regional and central approval phases to workflows to ensure everyone is aligned and up to date. 

Status updates

View the exact status of each project and phase completed, updated in real time.

Campaign reporting

Review the time it takes for your teams to complete projects via the highly customisable project portal.

Version history

Review and compare all versions of a brief or plan to see its progression.

One location

Keep everything under one roof, making locating instructions and assets straightforward, while providing a single source of truth for the brand.

Keep track of KPIs

Create recurring and bespoke reports and align to specific criteria such as campaign-centric KPIs.

Benefit from Storyteq’s smart active storage (DAM)

Store, tag, adapt, search and manage your
creative assets in bulk, securely.

Wide-ranging enterprise client services

Excellent onboarding, customer success and ongoing support are always included.


and training

The challanges of keeping your creative production under control

For marketers

Little control over campaign planning for all markets, causing a lot of back and forth between teams.

Inefficient workflows and processes which lead to lack of accountability and delays in campaign activation.   

For creative teams

Requests communicated by marketers in a variety of ways on multiple platforms. 

Lack of clarity surrounding project tasks, timelines and budgets.  

The pressure is on.

As marketing and creative operations become more complex, your processes and communication strategies should evolve along with them.

Collaborate. Scale. Activate.

The world’s leading brands work with Storyteq

Bram Reukers, Global Digital Production Lead, Heineken

The old process we used to convert our assets to ads was so slow. Now it is much faster, with total control over our output.

Marketing Content Management Product Director, Haleon

Global campaigns delivered in 30 days. 16 days. One day.

Richard Mangan, Head of Creative Operations, Entain

A fraction of the time to self-serve the necessary assets. Available instantly.


Enable two-factor authentication so that your creations are safe and sound.

Easy access

Single sign-on available for all major Identity Service Providers.


Fully GDPR-compliant so you always have peace of mind.

Multiple dedicated workspaces

Have separate environments for your brands through a centralised access point.

Multiple integrations

Easily integrate components of our platform within your MarTech stack or connect to our API as a powerful asset generation engine.

Internal analytics

Through our platform dashboard, remain informed on the statistics of what is created, when it’s created and for which audiences.

Dedicated customer support

Enjoy on-call access to a success account manager as well as outstanding onboarding, training and support.

Fast time to value

Instantly experience the benefits of adopting the Storyteq platform.


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