Dynamic Video Ads

Connect with your customers through dynamic video ads. Easily create, distribute and optimize data-driven videos directly from our platform to your advertisement channels such as Facebook, Google DV360 and Google Ads.

Visual showing dynamic elements within a video created for ads
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Use Dynamic Video Ads to…

Visual showing how to serve tailored video content by making use of dynamic video ads
Serve tailored video content based on customer data.
Visual showing how to upgrade your targeting by making use of dynamic video ads
Upgrade your targeting: perfect time and place, always.
Visual showing how to optimise your campaigns by making use of dynamic video ads
Optimize your campaigns. Test and adjust your content.

What is dynamic video?

Dynamic video is tailoring video content based on customer data. We adapt video elements such as scenes, audio and CTAs to make the ad relevant to the viewer.

How does it work?

We use data from ad platforms (channels) to determine who sees the video (audience), what video elements they see (content) and when they see it (context). Based on this, video ads are created and published on your advertising channels.

Why and where should I use it?

Making video ads dynamic leads to higher relevance for the viewer and subsequently to a higher ROI. Simply let data be the driver of your online video campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the open web.

Use it for example for:


Customize video ads based on the behavior of website visitors by showing the most relevant product or service to trigger a desired action.

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Does your target audience like the beach or prefer the mountains? Are they looking for a summer dress or a winter jacket? Dynamic video ads put together relevant video elements that fit the viewer’s interests.

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