Medior / Senior content specialist

Job description

As a full stack developer in the product development team, your main responsibility is to build new and exciting features for our smart creative platform. Our platform is built on modern technologies like Vue.js, Laravel and Node.js. You will join a highly skilled team of developers (and designers) who enjoy a technical challenge and maximizing product value and user experience. The team works in two-week sprints where tasks are always a combination of roadmap features and the team’s own input.

Your main responsibilities:

  • Building new platform features to add value for users
  • Transforming internal workflows to a new and streamlined admin panel
  • Building new and improved features for our rendering infrastructure
Hot take
  • The online advertising industry is changing very fast; therefore, we need you to not only understand what’s at stake today, but also what tomorrow will be made of. Why? Because we simply need to create the kind of content our audience will rely on and look forward to.
  • You are set on executing a content strategy for the entire buyer journey across different personas, industries, and touchpoints. 
  • Content assets will include blogs, whitepapers, case studies, email campaigns, website content, landing pages, presentations, benchmark studies and more.
  • You know how to write good content. The kind that our audience will be interested in reading, sharing, and commenting on.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to work within an industry where the audience is not quite familiar with the concept of “creative automation”, therefore you’ll have a lot of opportunities to seize.

  • You have an excellent level of written English, no less than that. Not just good; excellent. We’re looking for someone who can write content that people will love reading, sharing, and linking to.
  • You aim at creating thought leadership and positioning our company as an industry leader.
  • Proactively seek opportunities to improve and evolve content and campaigns. This means competitive research, industry research, and more.
  • Your editorial responsibilities will include an excellent understanding of SEO, content categorization and structure, content development, distribution, and measurement. You’ll develop editorial governance, so content is consistent with our brand voice, style, and tone.
  • Collaborate with the marketing and sales teams to ensure content is deployed across all channels.
  • Always willing to help your colleagues and other departments to improve their own pieces of content. This will often translate in reviewing/improving the copy for blog posts, website’s copy, case studies and more.
  • Minimum 3-5 years of experience in creating amazing content

  • Proactively building and managing lists of specialty websites, journalists and more. Establish and maintain a relationship with external parties for future content syndication, webinars, guest-blogging, backlinking updates, and much more.
  • DAM, DCO, CPM and other advertising/tools acronyms are part of your daily vocabulary (and you wonder why no one understands you).
  • Measure and track how content sources influence pipeline and revenue.
  • Competitive research: Find where the backlinks come from, identify content gaps, create content accordingly.
  • Experience in the tech vendor world or online advertising world.


What we offer
  • 40-hour work week
  • 25 holiday days
  • No work in the weekend
  • Ability to grow and learn

About us

Since 2016 Storyteq empowers brands and agencies to easily adapt their video and banner ads to multiple markets, customers, and advertising channels. We do that through creative automation, a rather new software-assisted process that consists in “templating” our clients’ creatives into what we call “dynamic creatives”. Companies like Samsung, Netflix, Perfetti and many others can’t get enough of it, to a point that switching back to manual production would seem like a giant step back.

We now aim to extend or outreach and educate our audience through great content. To reach that goal, we’re on the hunt for a brilliant content specialist willing to work hard to understand the industry, the stakeholders, and the technology in order to deliver no less than memorable content.

Ready to join our fast-growing team?

If you’re looking to work for a very fun and dynamic team working on a tool of growing relevance, if you love educating the crowds through intelligent, future-proof content, and if you are genuinely thirsty for building skills and expanding your knowledge, reach out to us and share a few of your best pieces of content!

If you’re interested in hearing more, please send your CV to or click here.