Content Specialist



  > 3 years of experience in content or product marketing
  Track record of finding the new angle or insight 
  A communicator with proven collaboration skills
  Proficiency in HubSpot Marketing Module
  Bonus skills: HTML/CSS, Adobe Creative Suite

What do we offer?

  Diverse international team
  Competitive salary
  Choose your own hardware
  Flex holidays
  After-work beers whenever you want

Job Description

The marketing department at Storyteq is not the usual one, we are part of a company that is growing in breakneck speed, so there is never a dull moment with us. Are you ready to delete the word repetition out of your vocabulary? Look no further!

The content marketing specialist at Storyteq is the creative and results-driven content guru who can establish and take ownership of our top, middle, and bottom of the funnel content strategy in all our markets, all while blowing away our competition in content strategy, helping us tap into a fast growing market, and targeting our key personas.

Hot Take

  • You get a major endorphin rush each time one of your content pieces get a like or is shared on social channels.
  • DAM, DCO, CPM and other advertising acronyms are part of your daily vocabulary (and you wonder why no one understands you).
  • Your strategic vision is so on point that people think you have superpowers.
  • Hubspot is your BFF. You can’t live without it. 
  • For you a deadline was yesterday.

About Storyteq

We’re the #1 supplier for smart video solutions in Europe. We offer our clients a SaaS platform that helps them generate and distribute better performing videos and banners in less time. The company consists out of 25+ dedicated people working together to deliver a perfect solution for companies such as Heineken, Samsung and Netflix.


If you’re interested in hearing more. Please send your CV to or click here.