Why is video a strong driver for marketing success?

10th June 2019
In 2019 videos were expected to account for 80% of all traffic on internet. We’re not there yet but we’re getting pretty close. Video is booming and leading marketeers and brand managers all agree on the importance of video as part of their content strategy. So why is that? Why is video such a strong driver for marketing success? We’ll give you 5 reasons.

1. Use video to simplify complex subjects

Video is the number 1 medium to reduce complexity when explaining a complicated concept. With video, our brains can process visual information much faster than text. In fact, research by Forrester suggests that one minute of video equates to roughly 1.8 million written words. Guess we have to stop writing and start using video. What do you think?!

2. Video boosts exposure to new audiences

We know that starting with video marketing requires an investment in terms of time, budget and effort. However, when you target your videos wisely you are able to gain exposure to new audiences. Especially with dynamic video ads, you are even able to adjust the elements of a video (such as scenes, voice-over and products) to make it relevant for the viewer.

3. Consumers love videos

Videos are dominating the internet simply because that’s what consumers want to see. One third of online activity is spent watching videos and consumers prefer to watch a video about a product than reading about it four times more(!). It’s easy to understand why: videos are fun to watch and easy to consume. Also, more and more internet traffic goes on our mobile phones – and let’s be honest – we rather watch a video than read a long article.

4. Video makes your brand more personal

In a world where customers move from one brand to the next in no time, there is only one thing we can do: create connections. Videos build trust and make the online world more personal. In face, research by Google found consumers feel a sense of personal connection to brands that show video content or ads. And at the end of the day, trusting a company and having a connection with it is key marketing.

5. Video can be used at every stage of the customer journey

One of our favorite things about video is how versatile it is. Video can be used at every stage of the customer journey, from generating brand awareness to happy onboarding and customer retention. Also, did you know that you can personalize the videos? You can put data of the viewer in the video to make it more relevant and personal. By doing this you can be sure video adds to your marketing success.

Curious how you can use video in your marketing strategy? Find some brilliant examples here.

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