EDF Luminus

Goal: Customer retention


Energy suppliers are challenged to retain customers every year. In order to do so EDF Luminus gives its customers more than just an insight into their gas and energy consumption. By logging into the “My Luminus” platform they can see how much they used, get personalized tips on how to reduce (to save money and help the environment) and how their usage compares to other households in their city. Our challenge is to make customers aware of the My Luminus platform.


EDF Luminus sends a personalized video to each client by email. Instead of a boring overview of energy consumption, the video visualizes their data in a fun and engaging way. Each client is personally addressed and their energy consumption is visualized compared to the previous period and other households in their own city. Based on how much they consumed, clients get a personalized call to action. This resulted in a significantly higher CTR (+258,1%) and CTO (+269,8%) compared to regular mailings.

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Dynamic elements that adjust to the viewer:

Name of customer
Energy consumption
Call to action

How it looks...