We are StoryTEQ

We help brands with creating personal relationships with their customers through video.

What do we offer

Our dynamic video platform enables marketers to be more relevant in all their online video marketing. From one platform, we can help you improve your video advertising, be more relevant in your customer journeys and create awesome campaigns.

Why we do it

We do this because video is becoming the online language, and we believe that making things more relevant will benefit both the customer and our clients.

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How we do it

We believe in building strong technology, however we don’t underestimate the power of creativity. Our understanding of how technology, creativity and personalization can be translated into actual results. We offer you powerful campaigns, integrated personal video journeys and advertising solutions.

Our values

Make it Personal

We believe that making things personal makes things better. With our clients and with our people.

Think Big

We're a small but ambitious bunch of people with plans to conquer the world of online video

Love Change

We're continuously improving what we do and how we do it. We think this is amazing.

Meet our team

Ab Talmon Founder ab@storyteq.com
Lennard Kooy Managing Director (ops) lennard.kooy@storyteq.com
Guido Derkx Managing Director (com) guido@storyteq.com
Rogier Ros Sales Manager rogier@storyteq.com
Renée Reijnders Project Manager renee@storyteq.com
Badr Eddial Technical Product Owner badr@storyteq.com
Jeffrey van Hees Backend developer jeffrey@storyteq.com
Stephanie Kuijstermans Marketeer stephanie@storyteq.com
Simon Blok Account Manager simon@storyteq.com
Jeroen Rommelaars Video Developer jeroen@storyteq.com
Shun Luk Junior backend developer shun.luk@storyteq.com
Ruben Sonneveldt Sales ruben@storyteq.com
Koen van de Beek Junior frontend developer koen@storyteq.com
Gijs Jorissen Backend developer gijs.jorissen@storyteq.com
Thijs Lutje Schipholt Finance finance@storyteq.com

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