F.A.Q Storyteq

1. How does Storyteq work?

In our Creative Automation Platform, you can template your creatives right from Adobe After Effects or start from scratch within our template builder. After your templates are done, you can manually create versions of your creative or link your data with the dynamic elements in your template to automatically produce all versions you need. Create as many assets as you want in a couple of clicks and unlock the full potential of creative automation.

2. How is Storyteq efficient?

Creative automation allows you to save time and increase output volume, without adding headcount. Furthermore, the platform serves as one central hub for your creative adaption, across all your regions and branches.

3. Who is Storyteq for?

Our platform is developed to make creative work easier and marketing strategies thrive:

  • Creative teams: facilitate your create and versioning processes. Stop burdening your team with repetitive tasks, and focus on creating instead!
  • Marketing teams: unlock advanced advertising opportunities and combat ad fatigue by working with a template-based creative platform. 
4. How do I get started with Storyteq?

We look forward to showing you how our platform allows your organization to scale creative and banner production, streamlining the workflow of both marketing and creative teams. Request a demo by clicking here. Our sales team reaches out to assess how Storyteq can help you to reach your goals and to overcome your challenges in online advertising.

5. What is Creative Automation?

Creative Automation allows you to make multiple components in a creative (such as scenes, images, videos, text, voice-over, descriptions and CTAs) dynamic in order to automate the subsequent production process. Read more

6. What is Dynamic Creative Optimization?

Dynamic Creative Optimization is the ultimate way to test, analyze and improve the performance of ad campaigns by testing out different variations of the same ad. This requires producing lots of assets, which can hardly be done manually. Read more

7. What is Personalized Video?

Personalized video combines customer data with video. This enables brands to deliver a unique message to every unique customer. Read more.

Products & Plans
8. How does your pricing work?

We got 4 pricing packages. All packages exist out of a one-time fee and a monthly recurring license fee. For more information, get in touch with our sales team.

9. How many creatives can I produce with Storyteq?

The amount of creatives per month depends on the pricing package, and starts with atleast 250. For more information, get in touch with our sales team.

10. What services does Storyteq offer?

The Storyteq-platform is fully self-service. However, if you want, we can fully execute your entire creative automation strategy. For more information, click here.

11. Do you offer customer support?

We do! Within each pricing package, you receive a certain amount of hours per month.

12. How do I create ad templates?

You can convert your base creative into a template right from Adobe After Effects using our extension. Or you can build a template from scratch by uploading your assets to our template builder. Either way, the outcome is a reusable template filled with dynamic elements.

13. Do you integrate with other video software?

Yes! Our extension enables you to template your creatives right from Adobe After Effects.

14. How does the technical implementation work?

You can use the platform as a service in your browser. However, we understand you creatives most likely need to end up somewhere, where they can be used. Common implementations are in CRM applications or Advertising applications. For the most common Advertising platforms and several DAM systems we have out of the box integrations, for others and for CRM applications we offer an API. More information about this render API can be found here.

15. To what ad channels and DAM systems can the Storyteq-platform connect to?

Storyteq is an official creative partner for the world’s largest platforms. Import your assets and deliver your creatives directly to the following:

  • Ad Channels: Facebook Ad Manager, Google Ads, Google DV360, Google Campaign manager
  • DAM systems: Brandfolder, Bynder, Google Drive
16. How can I become a Storyteq-partner?

We believe the best solutions are born from collaboration. Our partner program makes it easier to work with us and to innovate with us. Get in touch and differentiate your business!