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Creativity takes time, but creative production shouldn’t.

Keeping control of your global creative production workflows won’t control creativity but instead allow it to thrive.

Engaging audiences in a localised way across numerous markets, channels and touchpoints requires efficient creative production processes between departments. The key to a successful marketing campaign is found behind-the-scenes.

Storyteq’s Creative Marketing Operations platform bridges marketers and creative people by providing a shared space for end-to-end marketing activities such as project planning, scaling creative production and content optimisation.

With Storyteq’s innovative technology, marketing and creative teams can more easily:

Collaborate – Manage all your marketing campaigns under one platform, from planning and briefing to workflows and approvals, so your marketers can stay within budget and in control all the time.

Scale – Unlock the power of Creative Automation and dynamic templates to generate unlimited creative assets, eliminating mindless adaptation work.

Activate – Use powerful portals and launchpads to activate faster on-brand campaigns in every market, channel and touchpoint.

Marketing magic happens when brilliant people and top-tier technology come together.

We are on a mission

to help top brands to collaborate on marketing campaigns with ease, scale their creative production and localise on-brand content for the right audiences, faster.

Over the last decade, digital marketing has become more complex. Consumers now have shorter attention spans and higher expectations which arise from too much choice, requiring brands to improve how they engage with their audiences in this competitive multiformat omnichannel advertising space. 

Customised and localised content is needed to maximise consumer interest.  

But… how can high volumes of personalised content be produced at the scale necessary when marketing budgets aren’t growing according to these demands?

Brands need to urgently re-think their entire campaign workflows, creative production processes and marketing activation efforts to optimise efficiency and create a greater impact. A game-changing technology embedded in a powerful MarTeq ecosystem of partners is here to bridge the gap: we call it Storyteq.

Storyteq is an end-to-end Creative Marketing Operations platform (with a full Creative Automation engine at its heart) built by seasoned marketers for today’s marketer’s needs, with strong client services that also support you for the whole duration of your journey.

Together we can transform marketing collaboration, creative production at scale and local marketing activation… for your brand.

“We visualise a world where creating valuable content at scale is easily achievable. Where (re)connecting with audiences everywhere is simple.”

Core values

Be bold

Be bold- We take the time to understand each challenge extremely well and then execute the chosen solution without hesitation.

Move fast

We strive constantly to improve and evolve to stay
ahead of the curve and add value for our clients.

Stay familiar

We prioritise an unmatched understanding of each other, our clients and our industry so that we can build an ecosystem of richer connections.

The team

We’re a tight-knit, vibrant team of 150+ seasoned colleagues with big ambitions spread across Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

We’re quite multi-cultural too and take pride in having more than 25 nationalities and 12 languages on board.

But above all, we are passionate people building the company of our dreams.

We are looking for people like you

Storyteq is growing and sits right at the intersection of advanced technology, creativity, global marketing and content production. At scale.

If you’re excited to help marketing and creative teams in global brands make an impact, check out our open porsitions.

Our story in a nutshell

Since 2009, we have been helping global marketing and creative teams to create high volumes of quality content. More recently in 2022, Storyteq has been helping top brands to gain control of their campaign workflows, market faster while reducing creative production costs and leverage local marketing activation with on-brand content, at scale.

June 2016 – Our CTO created our first scalable video render engine.

August 2016 – Signed Samsung as a launching client and delivered the first successful personalised video campaign that reached over 100,000 people.

January 2017 – Founded Storymail as a spin-off from a creative agency. We were a team of six people.

January 2018 – Started to explore different uses for our technology.

Mid 2018 – Rebranded from Storymail to Storyteq to focus more on creative technology as opposed to CRM-related applications.

January 2019 – We pivoted to a full SaaS Creative Automation platform.

February 2019 – First self-service Creative Automation platform user signed: Heineken.

May 2020 – Reached the milestone of 10 million videos created through the platform.

September 2020 – Scaling up: new teams, more people, more clients.

October 2020 – Launched version 2.0 of the self-service Template Builder and Adobe extension.

December 2020 – Generated more than 1.5 million creative assets in a month and grew our team to 25 amazing people.

June 2021 – Storyteq becomes a part of the growing marketing technology portfolio of the Inspired Thinking Group (ITG). Both companies have a shared vision to revolutionise the way marketing is done.

October 2021 – Storyteq used by over 300 creative teams worldwide and 50+ enterprise clients in over 25 industries.

January 2022 – 45 colleagues and counting. More exciting projects are underway.

November 2022 – Storyteq becomes the main technology brand and platform within our holding company: the Inspired Thinking Group. The change led to the merger of Storyteq and CanopyCloud, a Creative Management and Digital Asset Management platform into one platform under the Storyteq name.