Storyteq is a Creative Automation Platform

Since 2016 we empower brands and agencies to easily adapt their video and banner ads to multiple markets, customers and advertising channels.

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The Storyteq-office

The successful transition from an agency to a SaaS platform

We started off as a company called Storymail. Back then, we were focusing on manually creating personalized videos based on customer data, and distributed via email. We were a so-called ‘full-service agency’. After a year we noticed that clients loved the software we had built, and liked our creatives skills a bit less!

We then decided to take a leap of faith and chose to fully focus on one thing only: building an amazing platform to easily create personalized videos. Over the past couple of years, we’ve grown from a “simple” personalization tool to a Creative Automation Platform to easily adapt content to multiple markets, customers and advertising channels.


Revolutionize the way creatives are created.

We want to realize the full potential of creative teams by providing them amazing and user-friendly technology to eliminate repetitive and boring work.


We try to keep our company culture as flat as the country it was founded in

From intern to CEO, all ideas are valuable and all questions can be asked. We work in an open space, no ivory towers but approachable colleagues.

Personal contact is important and based on equality. In line with our core value ‘create connections’, we know the name of each other’s dogs (or at least the kids’ names) and are sincerely interested in each other.

The Storyteq Office

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