Our Solutions

Connect with your customers with dynamic video ads. Rather than showing a generalized creative, allow your video ads to be specifically tailored to the viewer. Create dozens, hundreds or thousands of relevant video ads in just a few clicks.

Creatives at Scale

The video ad landscape is changing. Where we once used to show one generalized creative across all audiences, Storyteq’s Creative Management Platform allows you to adapt your creative to different aspect ratios, lengths, products, messages and audiences.

Sounds like a lot of work? Not with Creatives at Scale.

Dynamic Video Ads

Let data be the driver of your online video campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the open web with a targeted video for each of your customers.

Personalized Video in CRM

Connect to your customers with personalized video in your email marketing. Easily connect data with video on our dynamic video platform and generate unique videos for each of your customers.