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Want an award-winning platform designed specifically for the automotive industry? Configteq provides Jaguar Land Rover customers with an unrivalled online experience as they build, personalise and order their dream vehicle.

Configteq provides Jaguar Land Rover customers with an unrivalled online experience as they build, personalise and order their vehicle.

Make it personal 

Personalisation is at the heart of what Configteq does, with users empowered to configure, save and manage bespoke vehicle and finance options from any device, fully supported by rich 3D imagery and highly engaging video content.

Built by our teams

Built, managed and maintained by our own dedicated team of experts, Configteq is fully (and quickly) scalable to Jaguar Land Rover’s business needs. It is regularly updated with new features which keeps the user experience cutting-edge.

Best-in-class UI design Fully scalable Dedicated team Manage on any device

Easy automation

Configteq automates specific pricing based on user-generated configurations. This process is made easy because of multiple integrations with Jaguar Land Rover and other third-party systems, from finance calculators and lease providers, to online advertising, customer portals and the WLTP emissions calculator.

Seamless UX  Automated pricing Multiple integrations Clear emissions data

Configteq automated specific pricing based on user-generated configurations for Jaguar Land Rover

Driving conversions

Once customers have saved their selection, Configteq allows Jaguar Land Rover to remarket those exact configurations back to them via social media and banner ads. It also includes key conversion paths throughout the journey, enabling customers to request test drives, generate finance quotes and even place their order online.

Easily remarket Order online in minutes  Proven conversion rate Global reach

The Defender launch

In 24hrs we accomplished…

* Within the Uk only.

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