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Scale your ad creative production using custom templates, batch creation tools, and data-driven dynamic elements using your audience data.

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Brands worldwide

“Tailoring content to specific channels and audiences has never been this easy. Storyteq’s SaaS solution is the one-stop shop for brands to generate on brand content at scale in a very time and cost efficient way.”

Creative agency lead – On behalf of Heineken Global 

Developed to make creatives team’s work
easier, and marketeers’ strategies thrive

Creative Teams

Facilitate your creative and versioning processes: Focus on what matters and stop burdening your team with repetitive tasks.

Slash your production time and costs & Increase your team’s output without adding headcount.

See how our platform can save you time in your creative production  

Marketing Teams

Unlock your advertising capabilities and combat ad fatigue by working with a template-based platform. 

Easily adapt your ads to your audience, unlock your DCO strategy.

See what else a creative automation tool can do for you  

Template-powered and

Template your master creatives directly from adobe AE, or create from scratch using our template builder

Tag which elements will become future variables, and link your external data feeds to dynamically generate all the versions you need.

Working with template also allows you to easily reshuffle your content (swap scenes, sounds, images, etc), and generate new ads out of old assets 

Storyteq works with all ads, from premium ads to transactional content

Connecting the new to the known

Storyteq is an official creative partner for the world’s largest platforms. Import your assets and deliver your creatives directly into your DAM systems and ad channels.

What can you with your custom templated creatives?

Save time and money on your content creation with smart templates. Transform each element of your base video into variables, ready to be dynamically adjusted upon data input.

Adjust aspect ratios, swap out different elements and replace entire scenes to deliver personalized creatives to local markets and audiences. One by one or in bulk.

Connect templates to different data sources such as product feeds, DAM systems and distribution channels. 

A trend you don’t want to miss out on

Programmatic creative, data-driven creative, dynamic videos.. A growing trend with many names and yet one single goal: make your life much, much easier. 

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