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Generate customized video ad variations at scale, starting from your base video creative, or starting from scratch. 
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“Tailoring content to specific channels and audiences has never been this easy. Storyteq’s SaaS solution is the one-stop shop for brands to generate on brand content at scale in a very time and cost efficient way.”

Creative agency lead – On behalf of Heineken Global 

Connecting the new to the known

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Scale the production of your video ad variants

Consumers are moving across a multitude of channels and are demanding relevant content.   

Regardless of the level of customization you need, it’s essential to generate and distribute content in a fast and scalable way.

Storyteq’s creative management platform provides a fully integrated workflow to easily translate digital assets into highly customized and brand consistent creatives.

Full freedom within brand boundaries. Template it.

Save time and money on your content creation with smart templates. Transform each element of your base video into variables, ready to be dynamically adjusted upon data input.

Adjust aspect ratios, swap out different elements and replace entire scenes to deliver personalized creatives to local markets and audiences. One by one or in bulk.

Connect templates to different data sources such as product feeds, DAM systems and distribution channels. 

A trend you don’t want to miss out on

Programmatic creative, data-driven creative, dynamic videos.. A growing trend with many names and yet one single goal: make your life much, much easier. 

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