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Creative Marketing Operations

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Gartner recognition for our Creative Marketing Operations platform

We’re delighted to have been named as a leading vendor of Marketing Work Management (MWM) platforms by technology research giant Gartner.

It’s fantastic to be recognised by such a prestigious organisation, particularly given the expansion of our offering since the CanopyCloud merger, and we’re in great company alongside the likes of Adobe, and Wrike.

With the global nature of modern marketing, bringing people together is more important than ever before. Storyteq ensures that no matter where in the world your teams and agencies are based, everyone is connected through a single platform, streamlining processes and ensuring a much faster speed to market.

Collaboration is at the heart of our MWM tech: from campaign planning to reviews, approvals and budget management, it seamlessly links every team and each process within your marketing operations and keeps everyone on the same page.

“We’re very thankful that the tireless work of our teams, from the Netherlands to the UK and New Zealand to North America, has achieved such incredible recognition from Gartner. What we provide for companies is a gamechanger, sitting at the intersection of advanced tech, creativity, global marketing and content production. Our MWM platform is not only enhancing marketing productivity and effectiveness, but also future-proofing brands against large shifts in the industry.”

Lennard Kooy, CEO

MWM is just one aspect of our end-to-end Creative Marketing Operations platform. As well as seamless collaboration, Storyteq also allows brands to scale and activate their campaigns at pace, harnessing the power of Creative Automation to create thousands of video and image variations in a matter of seconds from dynamic templates.

It’s empowering big names such as Heineken, Renault and ASOS to get rich content to all of their channels, putting marketing teams in control of their output and guaranteeing full brand compliance every step of the way. All while saving time and reducing costs.

Featuring in the MWM guide represents another significant step forward in our relationship with Gartner, coming so soon after Storyteq, in partnership with our visionary partners at Haleon, took home the ‘Excellence in MarComm Technology’ prize at the Gartner Communications Awards 2022.

Here’s to much more still to come!

Storyteq also featured as CanopyCloud in another Gartner market guide in 2022: The Gartner Marketing Technology Vendor Essentials Guide. Both guides can be downloaded via a Garner account here.

Jan 27, 2023
Jenni D'Alton
Content Marketing Writer
Jenni hails from Ireland and describes herself as an avid explorer and a connoisseur of trash TV. When she is not consuming every latest film or collection of short stories in her midst, she is out discovering new places to dine or dance in.

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