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Introducing: The Storyteq rebrand

Storyteq has rebranded. This means its platform offerings have expanded, while scaling creative production through automation will remain at its heart.

Storyteq now helps marketing and creative teams in top brands to:  

  • Gain control of their campaign workflows 
  • Generate unlimited creative assets without adding headcount 
  • Localise on-brand content so they can activate engaging campaigns that go-to-market faster.

How the rebrand was born

In 2021 Storyteq became a part of the growing marketing technology portfolio of the Inspired Thinking Group (ITG). Both companies joined forces because they have a strong shared vision to revolutionise the way marketing is done.  

In recent months, the change led to the merger of Storyteq and CanopyCloud (the award-winning Creative Management and Digital Asset Management platform) into one platform under the Storyteq name, with its own existing and growing Creative Automation capabilities.   

The Inspired Thinking Group is now a single business with one vision, driven by two distinct engines:

  • Innovative, end-to-end marketing services: Team ITG   
  • Transformative marketing technology:  
    > Storyteq, a Creative Marketing Operations platform 
    > Deployteq, a Customer Engagement platform  
    > Configteq, a Configure, Price and Quote platform

“For us, this exciting rebrand represents a shift in how we present ourselves and strengthens our core values around the collaborative way we work with our clients, the exceptional customer service we provide and the desire we have to help you create the most efficient and effective marketing in 2023 and beyond.”

Simon Ward, CEO at Inspired Thinking Group

What’s new?

With Storyteq, a Creative Marketing Operations platform with a full creative engine at its heart, marketing and creative teams in top brands can now more easily:   

Collaborate – Manage all your marketing campaigns across departments, brands and agencies, from planning and briefing to workflows and approvals, so your marketers can stay within budget and in control.  

Scale – Unlock the power of Creative Automation and dynamic templates to generate unlimited creative assets, eliminating mindless adaptation work.  

Activate – Use powerful brand portals and playbooks to activate faster on-brand campaigns in every market, channel and touchpoint. 

“We look forward to continuing this transformative journey with marketers everywhere.”

Lennard Kooy, CEO at Storyteq

Ready to change the way you do marketing, for the better? Book a demo here.  

Dec 6, 2022
Jenni D'Alton
Content Marketing Writer
Jenni hails from Ireland and describes herself as an avid explorer and a connoisseur of trash TV. When she is not consuming every latest film or collection of short stories in her midst, she is out discovering new places to dine or dance in.

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