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The ultimate guide to Creative Automation

In this guide, we’re sharing everything you need to know about Creative Automation: what it is, why it matters, and how it works. Plus, we give you all the ins and outs on producing and scaling assets by sharing best practices, frameworks, and tips from key leaders.

It’s time to bid your old processes goodbye and turn them into seamless, new ones that elevate your organisation.

Guide: Shaping up the future of creative production

With highlights from creative and
marketing leaders from companies like:

Storyteq is used by the world's best companies, like: Wieden+Kennedy, Lytho, InnoGames, Google, and Jägermeister

What’s inside this guide

We spoke to creative and marketing leaders across industries like gaming, finance, consumer brands, agencies and more to get their tips on how to execute a winning Creative Automation strategy.

In this guide, we’re covering:


What Creative Automation is and why it’s crucial for your brand


Adopting Creative Automation to support your global advertising ops


How to use personalised content to create experiences at scale


Why creativity remains the number one factor driving ROI


Democratising automation to unleash creative potential


Each chapter can be read independently, so you can jump to any topic that is relevant to you.

Guide: Shaping up the future of creative production

In the spotlight

Check out what our contributors have to share on producing premium creatives at scale. Learn what Creative Automation means for the future of creatives, marketers and businesses.

Chiara Grigolini, Global Digital Content Marketer at Affinity Petcare
Chiara grigolini

“Branding is a big point – it’s crucial to keep consistency across all creatives and all channels, otherwise it’s hard to both recognise the brand and to build it up over time.”

Global Digital Content Manager Affinity Petcare

Sebastian Seeber, Produt Owner and Senior Project Manager at InnoGames
Sebastian seeber

“We face a constant change and increase of platforms, channels, partners and formats, which leads to an increasing number of assets being needed every month.”

Product Owner InnoGames

Nathan Babian - Vice President at VIA Productions
Nathan Babian

“Being able to dynamically create content has given us the best of both worlds – and we’ve been able to set up a process where we create curated content for our retail clients.”

Vice President VIA Productions

Download the guide

This guide includes:


A detailed account that explains why producing creatives at scale does not mean compromising on quality standards


A breakdown of key practices on Creative Automation workflows, integration with DAMs and how creative operations come into play


Insights from key marketing and creative leaders to guide and inform your efforts


Real examples from top performing brands that leverage high-quality creatives in their ad strategy

Guide: Shaping up the future of creative production

Download the guide

Guide available in PDF format