Three clients Boomerang creates assets for within the Storyteq Platform

Boomerang is an independent creative agency that specializes in connecting brands and people, both online and offline. As a leading creative agency, Boomerang’s creative department is the centerpiece of its brand.

Creative Automation

The Perfetti Van Melle Group is a global confectionery and gum manufacturer specifically known for their Chupa Chups and Mentos brands. Read more how Perfetti streamlines its creative production workflow through Creative Automation.

Creative for the Perfetti van Melle Case Study
Creative for the Van Gogh Museum Case Study
Personalized video in CRM

Van Gogh Museum wants to give visitors a warm welcome while informing them about practical matters before their visit. The challenge is to brand the museum and improve its visitor flow and therewith provide a great customer experience.

Dynamic video ads

Squla is an online learning platform for kids where they can learn primary school subjects by playing games on their phone, tablet or computer. Our challenge is to make parents aware of the benefits of Squla and subscribe their kids to the platform.

Creative for the Squla Case Study
Creative for the Corendon Case Study
Dynamic video ads

Corendon offers deals for hotels all around the world. Elements such as images, pricing and occupancy of these hotels change continuously, which makes it unfeasible to create video ads manually. Our challenge is to speed up the process of generating product feed-based creatives.

Dynamic video ads

Brunel is a service provider specializing in flexible deployment for a wide range of professions. Instead of creating one video for a specific profession, they want to become more relevant with their video ads and make sure they are shown to the right audience.

Creative for the Brunel Case Study