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How Heineken gain creative production efficiencies by centralising their global Digital Asset Management system

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The problem

Heineken is likely one of the first images that pop into a person’s head when they hear “beer”. This recognition is the result of a carefully crafted brand identity, which it has accomplished in part through its sponsorships, making Heineken the drink of choice for, as an example, sports supporters and James Bond fans.

When Heineken sponsors these multiple large events around the globe, their goal is to create the optimal commercial value and most relevant brand activation via online channels as possible. Not only do they need the advertising for events, but there is packaging, retail and Points of Sale to think about alongside this. And here’s the catch: they must create content within 28 languages and 160 countries, while always retaining one consistent brand message.

To guide local markets, Heineken previously used massive, laboursome PDFs that were often almost immediately outdated.

So through what cost-effective and labour-efficient means do they now reach audiences? Across all countries, while remaining relevant and uniform throughout?

The solution

Heineken need to translate their creative assets into localised ads in a split second for all participating countries. Especially when the sponsorship is in the sports world, as they often are, where precarious odds and outcomes are updated at immense pace.

This requires a system for fast briefing and approving. Additionally, global brand playbooks in brand portals ensure Heineken campaign guidelines are always 100% up to date.

Heineken now focuses on building strong concepts and turning these into master templates with dynamic fields. They are centralised in one place and ready for adaptation depending on the needs of local and regional teams.

This one place, or single source of truth, means far more efficiency and less back-and-forth across departments, while remaining brand-compliant at all times. Marketers can self-serve and specific audiences are catered to at a fraction of the time it used to take.

Utilizing smart review flows, easy naming schemes, and by uploading in bulk, their time-to-market is expedited significantly. Time and production costs are saved while the human error that comes from repetitive work is avoided.

The old process we used to take to convert our assets to ads was too slow and didn’t allow for large-scale personalisation. On top of that, we had too little control on the output. With Storyteq, that has all changed.

Bram Reukers, Global Digital Production Lead, Heineken

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