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How Co-op transformed their business by consolidating its many technologies into one  

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The problem

One of the world’s largest consumer co-operatives is the Co-op, which is also the UK’s fifth biggest food retailer with more than 2,500 local, convenience and medium-sized stores. The Co-op is owned and run by individual members in the community who have a say in how it is run, instead of distant shareholders.  
But the Co-op don’t stop at retail. Their work expands to funeral services, insurance, legal services and more. With this expansive portfolio of businesses, they have a lot of marketing areas to cover.  However, too many agencies and inefficient technology were hindering this marketing.  

How does the Co-op use one innovative marketing technology to spread the word on its innovative business model?  

The solution

Storyteq has removed the pain from marketing execution for the Co-op, allowing teams to access business unit-specific assets and collaboratively brief, amend and approve campaigns.

Marketers across all these business units can not only access multichannel assets but create local adaptions from customisable dynamic templates.

Storyteq replaced Bynder and other platforms for Co-op, de-cluttering its messy tech landscape. Efficient technology-driven workflows now enable Co-up to quickly take its key visuals and create toolkits of assets for their different sectors. 

Brand and campaign guidelines are available to all content creators, ensuring every marketing execution harnesses Co-op’s distinct visual and tonal identity. 

“Automation first” is their new approach to asset creation. Now that there is less back and forth between different programmes by marketers and designer, more gets done as a result.  

Having everything in one place from an asset perspective is a huge benefit for us in terms of bringing business units together. Storyteq are a trusted partner in terms of delivering what they say they are going to deliver, along with the benefits around cost, technology and quality.

Georgie Mundy, Senior Category Manager, Co-op

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