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How Clarks is securing greater brand control

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The problem

Clarks has been in shoemaking since 1825 and have an archive of over 22,000 styles. Clarks is a global business, operating in over 35 countries.  

Whether for school, fashion, sports, or work, Clarks has got all types of shoes covered in its product offerings. But all of these types of shoes serve different customer segmentations, multiplying the marketing collateral needed by this international retailer.

Clarks requires access to on-brand marketing assets at speed, but its teams had been suffering at the hands of clunky, outdated technology which offered little in the way of configurability.  

How do Clarks manage marketing with such varied needs across the globe?

The solution

With Storyteq, Clarks replaced all inefficient email briefing and excessive amendment cycles with highly collaborative, tailored workflows. 

This delivers huge savings and increases the speed of processes through more intuitive UX and more efficient briefing, planning and distribution of global assets. 

Clarks’ marketing operations now enable global teams to rapidly access on-brand assets and deploy them across both e-commerce and various other channels such as out-of-home and in stores. 

As well as getting instant access to approved assets, users can reformat and resize these within theirs or our Digital Asset Mangement system, speeding up multichannel deployment. 

Storyteq’s technology brings everything together and delivers real-time collaboration.


Are you struggling with efficiencies in your creative production workflows?

Could our platform help eliminate stresses associated with versioning, reviewing, and approving your creative assets? And speed up your time-to-market?