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How Mentos centralise their creative production strategies and maintain brand control across their product portfolio

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The problem

Perfetti Van Melle is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of confectionery and chewing gum including brands like Mentos and Fruitella.

Operating across multiple markets with multiple products within a global fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry makes the demand for creative assets high. This is also difficult to coordinate as a decentralised organisation with local branches in control of their advertising efforts.

This is especially challenging if you are trying to achieve the previous marketing success of brands Iike Chupa Chups, which is internationally recognisable for its vibrant and playful brand identity that is bursting with colour and joy.

How can this be done within a slow and inefficient workflow, unless they add headcount?

The solution

Perfetti Van Melle’s global HQ needed to design its master creative assets from one central point before transforming them into templates within the Storyteq platform, at which point local branches can log on and adapt based on their market’s needs.  

Template-based production is how digital assets at Perfetti Van Melle can now render multiple variants at scale, giving them more control to quickly adjust to these market needs.

Perfetti Van Melle use their templates to scale to multiple products (like gum or candy), languages or audiences, generating a large volume of output.

They reiterate the same base video asset repeatedly, and with one centralised platform these new versions can be produced within minutes where it used to take weeks. Their time to market is expedited significantly.

With Storyteq, we can not only share templated creative assets that our local branches use for quick adaptation, but also ‘lock’ some template elements that we believe should be left untouched in order to maintain the brand consistency that we are after.

Daan Simonis, Global Media and Digital Marketing Director, Mentos

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