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How ŠKODA leverages technology to deliver rapid localised brand activation 

Briefs Workflows Approvals
Dynamic templates Creative Automation File output Publishing content Optimisation Brand portals


localised creative assets delivered annually


dealership requests managed yearly


individual marketing plans created in one year

The problem

‘Fast and furious’ is how any motor company needs to show up in today’s world of product advertising. ŠKODA has been around for 120 years, so it has witnessed and adapted to the many evolutions marketing has undergone.  

They need to keep consumers engaged in a growing number of markets and on a multiplying number of channels. When it comes to planning and executing strategic local marketing for ŠKODA’s 128 retailer sites, no corners can be cut to achieve the nuance needed to ensure relevant campaign content. Whatever that is, whether it’s press, email marketing, social media, door drops or digital dealership campaigns, the key to success is leaving the marketing in the hands of local marketers.  
But how does a global company that needs to remain consistent throughout the world give the key to its local marketers?  

The solution

ŠKODA’s creative assets are easily briefed and approved using industry-leading local marketing technology. This allows the ŠKODA team to rapidly create unlimited localised campaign assets.  

Through this same technology they can also deliver total brand control and real brand activation at every dealership, across every promotion. That is thanks to Storyteq Brand Portals where ready-to-adapt content is stored.  

This high-performance local marketing is backed up by real-time reporting and analytics across all local marketing activity, within the same platform.  

Storyteq always manages processes very effectively and prioritises what it needs to do in order to make the assets available to the world very fast. And the quality is always fine.


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