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A powerful ecosystem of integrations to facilitate your creative production processes, at scale.

Through our API or sFTP connection, you can benefit from a set of integrations that will help you transform the way your marketing and creative teams collaborate.

With Storyteq, you can now easily create and share on-brand content with the world.

Check out all the integrations

  • Social Channels
  • Adobe Suite
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Ad Distribution
  • Storage
  • Customer Experience
  • Marketing Production

Social Channels


Share unlimited high-quality videos and static content created in Storyteq on Facebook.

Social Channels


Connect Instagram to your Storyteq workspaces and push numerous high-quality versions of video and static content.

Social Channels


Premium video templates created in Storyteq can be used to make endless video variations to share on YouTube.

Social Channels

Google Ads

Scale your creative assets and optimise campaign performance using our Google Ads integration.

Social Channels

Google Campaign Manager 360

Upload your creative assets built via Storyteq templates directly into your Google Campaign Manager account.

Social Channels

Display & Video 360

Upload your Storyteq-built assets directly into your creative library on this Demand Side Platform.

Social Channels

Twitter Ads

Share unlimited video and static content created in Storyteq on Twitter.

Adobe Suite

Adobe After Effects

Build dynamic templates using your own After Effects projects by tagging elements as dynamic, where natively possible.

Adobe Suite

Adobe Photoshop

Build dynamic banners and animations straight from your artboards using the Storyteq PSD importer.

Adobe Suite

Adobe Experience Cloud

Retrieve creative assets from your Adobe suite and make variations of these in the Storyteq platform.

Digital Asset Management


Media created in batches on Storyteq can be uploaded to Frontify 

Digital Asset Management


Upload media to Brandfolder, or use your Brandfolder assets in Storyteq.

Digital Asset Management


Send your creative assets from Widen into Storyteq to make them into dynamic templates.  

Digital Asset Management


Import your raw creative assets stored in Bynder into Storyteq to turn them into powerful dynamic templates. 

Digital Asset Management


Upload the creative assets you produce in Storyteq to OpenText. 

Ad Distribution


Create and widely share even more high-quality content with Flashtalking.

Ad Distribution


Connect your data-driven creative assets to connected TV and social channels with Innovid.

Ad Distribution

Extreme Reach

Bridge advertisers and media outlets by creating and supplying a high volume of content using Extreme Reach.

Ad Distribution


Deliver assets from Storyteq to be reviewed within your internal departments and ensure every asset is on-brand.

Ad Distribution


Send media created in Storyteq to various publishers via Specle.

Ad Distribution


Send your Storyteq assets to Peach to distribute to target platforms.


Google Drive

Push your media from Storyteq to Google Drive with minimal effort.

Customer Experience Platform


Push approved assets from your Storyteq workflow to Sprinklr’s Asset Management tool.

Marketing Production

DI Studio

Create a bi-directional communication flow between Storyteq and Tag.

Marketing Production


Use Grip’s CGI elements and 3D imagery in your Storyteq dynamic video templates.

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