Creative Automation Platform

For creative and marketing teams wanting to automate their creative
production and activate on-brand campaigns in every market and channel.

Dynamic Templates

Generate multiple variations of premium video, digital and print creative assets, in seconds.

Brand Portals

Quickly adapt campaigns to easily power your local marketing.


Find, modify and share all your creative content, instantly.

Creative Marketing Operations Platform
For multi-brand enterprises wanting to get full control of their end-to-end campaign workflows and automate their creative production.
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Creative Marketing Operations

For multi-brand enterprises wanting to get full control of their end-to-end campaign workflows and automate their creative production.


Want an award-winning platform designed specifically for the automotive industry?


Our powerful customer engagement platform allows you to easily create omnichannel communications at scale

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Localise powerfully, connect meaningfully.

Global brands working within a decentralised model often put local marketing in the hands of the local marketer. But this way, the same money, energy and time is repeatedly reinvested to create a similar campaign from scratch, and core brand standards can become diluted.

The pressure is on. With the global nature of modern marketing, bringing teams together to collaborate easily on campaigns is more important than ever before.

Storyteq helps you to meet the needs of local audiences while meeting the needs of all your teams. You can:

Localise at
a click

Maintain brand consistency  

Get visibility on campaigns  

your teams

The challenges of localising content at scale are impacting your cross-regional teams

Physical and organisational silos equal inefficiencies when it comes to localising content in a brand-consistent way. Sometimes multiple avenues are used to communicate and collaborate, further compounded by a lack of one source to determine what is to be done and with what creative assets. Cue an exhausting and needless back-and-forth between marketing teams in different regions.

For creative teams, more and more campaign content from head office needs localisation. The recurring low-level task of adapting or recreating this content is something creative minds are repeatedly tasked with, even though it is the antithesis of creativity. 

Complex collaboration processes can lead to off-brand content or campaign delays

None of the campaign assets stored in a brand’s central DAM system are usable in other markets

Quality of creative output is hard to control across markets

The brand’s essence varies per region, confusing customers

One-size-fits-all creative output is failing to engage audiences

Time to market is slow

Strengthen your brand identity locally, regionally and globally 

Localise at a click

If a one-size-fits-all ad strategy is proving to fail in your brand’s local markets…

…work with Creative Automation and standardised dynamic templates to adapt your content for localisation, whether that’s adjusting the language, currency, cultural reference or regional promotion.

Maintain brand consistency

If your brand is becoming diluted on a global scale because all markets are executing their campaigns individually…

empower your local marketers with a single source of truth: Brand Portals allow them to self-serve on-brand creative assets instantly, while staying up to date always with the latest brand guidelines and playbooks. 

Get visibility on campaigns

If you have no knowledge of campaign activities in your other markets, making budgeting and strategising difficult… 

get an overview of creative asset usage by all your different brand entities with an ActiveDAM, while allowing these markets to retrieve, modify and deliver approved content straight from within the DAM.

Supercharge your teams   

If your local markets are still exhausted as they’re lacking the in-house capacity to localise on-demand templates from Brand Portals…

take advantage of Storyteq Platform Services who can fully operate your platform for you, or simply work elbow to elbow with your local creative teams.

We have created localisation efficiencies for these teams and production process setups: 

+ Centralised

+ Decentralised

+ In-house

+ Outsourced

How Heineken localises content in 160 countries

Heineken sponsors multiple large events around the globe. Not only do they need the advertising for events, but there is packaging, retail and Points of Sale to think about as well. In 28+ languages. 

Global brand playbooks in Storyteq Brand Portals ensure Heineken campaign guidelines are always 100% up to date.    

Heineken now focuses on building strong concepts and turning these into master templates with dynamic fields for instant localisation.


Storyteq users


overall cost reduction


digital assets generated from templates

How ŠKODA deliver rapid localised brand activation

ŠKODA needs to keep consumers engaged in a growing number of markets and on a multiplying number of channels. When it comes to planning and executing strategic local marketing for their 128 retailer sites, no corners can be cut to achieve the nuance needed to ensure relevant campaign content.

Their creative assets are now easily briefed and reviewed using Storyteq’s local marketing technology. Brand Portals grant them total brand control across every dealership and promotion because approved content is stored here and ready to adapt as needed.


localised assets annually


dealership marketing requests per year


marketing plans created in one year

Book a demo to see how you can localise stories instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is marketing localisation?

Marketing localisation refers to the practice of creating and delivering advertising messages that are tailored to specific geographic regions or local markets.

The goal is to reach potential customers with messages that resonate with their local interests, needs and preferences. Working in standardised templates makes it easier for brands worldwide to adapt their content for localisation, whether that’s adapting to the idiomatic language, currency, national holidays or traditions of the local culture.

What is Creative Automation?

Creative Automation is the process of leveraging technology to scale your creative asset production by automatically adapting and changing certain aspects of your videos, banners or images, for digital and print. This could include the size, format, Calls to Action, text or any other graphic elements such as products or logos.      

The aim of this software is to reduce the time and effort required for creative tasks all while improving campaign quality, brand consistency, output and compliance with industry standards.   

What are dynamic templates?

Dynamic templates consist of a base creative asset (video, banner or image) with elements which are set to be dynamic or swappable. These can be changed from a data trigger.    

Text, images, sound or entire video scenes can be swapped out to instantly create customised advertising content at scale, without sacrificing quality.  

What are Brand Portals?

A Brand Portal is a website or branded page that provides access to any digital content which is employed for branding and marketing objectives. It is a hub for centralising and sharing all elements concerning your brand identity, including guidelines, playbooks and all sorts of creative assets like master templates, videos, logos and fonts which teams can adopt and adapt at a click of a button. Like a self-serve studio. 

What is ‘active’ Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

An active DAM is distinct from a standard DAM because it is not only a location to store and manage your assets, but it allows you to customise or convert your file or digital asset into any format or size you need through dynamic asset transformation 

If we’re outsourcing most of our creative work, can we still benefit from Storyteq’s Creative Automation?

Yes. The Storyteq platform allows top brands dealing with multiple agencies, brands and departments globally to efficiently manage their creative production process. We also have dedicated teams of experts in our Platform Services, who can work elbow to elbow with your team and partners to get things done.

Want to A/B test a high volume of creative assets?

Use the power of dynamic templates to produce batches of creative content and leverage this volume to test the effectiveness of your campaigns.