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What is a Brand Portal and how can it bring your marketing to the next level? 

Apr 18, 2023
Global brands work tirelessly across complex systems and widely dispersed teams to ship campaigns as fast as possible in all their markets. However, ensuring content is fully on brand can be a difficult and time-consuming task, particularly if people, processes and products are confused. How can brands deliver fully joined-up and consistent campaigns with a quick turnaround?

What is a Brand Portal?

A Brand Portal is website that acts as hub for centralising and sharing all elements concerning your brand identity, including brand guidelines, dynamic playbooks and all sorts of creative assets such as campaigns, master templates, videos, logos and fonts, which teams can adopt and adapt at a click of a button.  
Brand Portals are like a self-serve studio for teams that want to ensure brand consistency, deliver campaigns faster and make sure their target audiences receive the right content on the right channels at the right time. 

This means your company can waste less time and money on reinventing the wheel, and instead focus on work that drives real revenue. 

Brand Portals can be either public or private and are used by both B2B or B2C brands to future-proof their global and local marketing. They are super-easy to set up and help businesses to establish and maintain a strong, recognisable and reliable brand, while supporting marketing teams go to market faster and increase ROI. 
How? Because with little demand on creative production, as campaigns are instantly localised using dynamic playbooks and on-demand dynamic templates, marketing runs much more smoothly. They are essential to effective brand management.  

Use Storyteq's Brand Portals to get full visibility, consistency and quality on marketing content, like ASOS has.
Select, adapt and deliver campaigns, in minutes.

When you know it’s time for a Brand Portal…

While a Digital Asset Management system (DAM) stores and distributes content, a Brand Portal brings things to the next level, helping you promote and maintain brand consistency by accelerating collaboration between teams, agencies and internal or external stakeholders. Simultaneously you will empower your marketing teams with pre-approved reusable content that can be adapted to each individual market as needed.   

If you can recognise yourself in any of the following situations, it might be the case your business would benefit from implementing a Brand Portal. 


  • Your teams cannot find branded elements, so they try and create their own, often veering from brand guidelines and producing off-brand content. 
  • Creative teams cannot keep up with content creation needs from marketing, as they produce everything from scratch for each individual channel or market. 
  • Collaboration between marketing and creative teams is slow and unproductive, with constant friction and a delayed time to market. 


  • You have one or several coexisting DAMs, but nobody seems to be using them effectively or making the most of all the content in there. 
  • Every local team manages their own MarTech stack and there are inconsistencies in content output because of messy content management. 


  • You manage the distribution of digital content, assets and product information to sales teams and retailers. However, everyone leverages different channels or needs different sizing, texts or tweaks. Unclear processes are a significant obstacle to the delivery of your campaigns.  
  • You have no knowledge on how to bring content usage analytics and metrics together quickly to identify popular content, brand campaigns or initiatives.

Find, modify and share all your creative content in seconds like Avon does, with Storyteq's ActiveDAM.
Choose from a range of brand-compliant and approved templates to customise.

The benefits of a Brand Portal

A Brand Portal ensures creative and marketing teams, departments and agencies in top global brands can: 

  • Provide any user in the world with easy access to all marketing collateral – that’s the latest brand guidelines, brand elements or campaigns, for every relevant team member or external stakeholder such as a partner, agency or funder. 
  • Go to market faster knowing brand guidelines are adhered to and content is quickly adapted according to step-by-step dynamic playbooks
  • Get full visibility on marketing activities in all departments and regions, including budgets and spend. 
  • Improve collaborative processes with teams sending, receiving and approving all global executions through the same system. 
  • Automate the creation of multichannel, multi-language campaign assets from master templates. 
  • Customise templates according to rules you set to ensure brand compliance. 
  • Deploy global campaigns personalised to each segment or individual customer. 
  • Avoid diluting their brand. 

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, Brand Portals centralise and provide easy access to branded assets such as guidelines, campaigns, dynamic templates, digital content and more, to drive the organisational efficiency of your marketing teams who are better serviced to produce consistent campaigns.  

Go to market with better content that costs less – and talk to your customers faster than ever before.  

Want to learn more on how brands like Heineken, Clarks and ŠKODA are winning with Brand Portals? Read our case studies here or reach out for a chat. 

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