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For multi-brand enterprises wanting to get full control of their end-to-end campaign workflows and automate their creative production.


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How the entertainment industry works with Storyteq

Learn how Storyteq is helping brands like Netflix, Gameloft and Pokerstars gain global workflow efficiencies, secure better brand control and go to market more reactively with high-quality on-brand content, while saving on creative production costs.

Easily create, localise and scale premium video, HTML5 banners, statics and print.  

Whether you’re working directly in the Storyteq Extension for After Effects or Storyteq’s browser-based Template Builder, create dynamic templates to make instant adaptations to your creative content.

Create dynamic templates via the Storyteq Extension for After Effects or Storyteq's browser-based Template Builder
Storyteq enables Mentos to create all content in any language and format, for every market, and every channel.

Premium video

With the sheer volume of content out there, engaging your customers on every touchpoint has never been more important. Quickly and easily produce premium video assets in our dynamic templates, with the power to adapt colours, fonts, logos, languages, imagery, products and more at just a click.

Localised, personalised campaigns at scale.

It’s no secret that customers are demanding more content, that’s more relevant to them, at a faster pace than ever before. Storyteq intelligently interprets your customer data to automate the production of tailored marketing assets at scale, driving real engagement and significant revenue.

Localise and personalise marketing campaigns at scale.

Three clear reasons you might need Storyteq


Your creative teams are...

  • Fed up doing repetitive manual adaptation work
  • Prone to making errors because of the exhausting volume of content needed
  • Feeling on the verge of burnout


Your marketing teams are...

  • Missing deadlines because of the sheer amount of multichannel content needed
  • Doing DIY local marketing, leading to off-brand output
  • Working under pressure and overtime, without seeing results


Your brand is...

  • Launching campaigns too slowly, impacting ROI
  • Losing its essence across multiple markets
  • Being forgotten
Storyteq Case Study: Entain

How Entain streamlines their global workflows

Entain is one of the world’s largest sports betting and gaming groups with an expansive portfolio of brands.

Template-based production is how creative teams at Entain render multiple variants at scale, giving them more control to adjust to market needs, quickly.

Entain uses their templates to scale to multiple products (or games or races), languages or audiences, generating a large volume of output across markets.


decrease in design briefs received


hours of design resource saved permonth from one template alone


man hours saved in two weeks

Storyteq Case Study: Voodoo

How Voodoo produces thousands of videos to expand their ad testing abilities

Voodoo is one of the world’s largest hyper-casual games publishers releases multiple games a year.

They chose Storyteq’s template-powered automation platform to produce more ads, faster, and without having to hire more people.

Having easy access to a dashboard indexing the entire ad library helps the team ensure that no combination of elements or specific variation has been forgotten when testing best-perfoming ad creatives.


available games worldwide

300 million

active monthly users


app downloads worldwide

Storyteq Case Study: PokerStars

How Pokerstars create social content in a fast-paced industry

The Storyteq Extension for After Effects gives PokerStars the volume of content they need, totally scalable and without compromising creative quality.

While assets were previously produced and rendered after the fact, PokerStars’ team can now quickly create on-brand, legally compliant assets from a pre-approved template for every possible outcome, enabling instant delivery to their socials following the results. It’s getting their content to market, faster and better than ever before.


video assets per week


video assets from one template for RedBull’s race day results


the amount of motion video as year prior without Storyteq

Storyteq Case Study: Sky

How Sky uses one system for brand assets and content reporting

With so many people working across different departments, studios and agencies, Sky Creative needed a standardised workflow from a single, unifying platform. Resource management, asset storage, brand guidelines, content reporting, time recording and more all now run through Storyteq, with Creative Automation and dynamic templates soon to follow. 


assets downloaded


Storyteq users


brand consistency

Book a demo to see how you can save time in your creative production process.  

Book a demo and learn how Storyteq can help you:

  • Save time & money by automating your creative production
  • Instantly create multichannel campaigns – in digital and print
  • Stay on-brand while delivering localised campaigns at scale
  • Engage audiences across every touchpoint and drive ROI
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