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Managed Service

Our own internal team which supports our clients in their Creative Automation operations.

API & Integrations

Automate creative production with our API and SDK integrations from any environment.


As an integrated multi-channel solution, our users can collaborate across multiple ecosystems.

How Entain improves global workflow efficiencies in the production of creative assets

Learn how Entain, one of the world’s largest sports betting and gaming groups including brands like Ladbrokes and bwin, is using the power of Creative Automation to centralize creative production strategies in order to gain efficiencies in their output volume, workflows control, and production speed.

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decrease in design briefs received on Ladbrokes brand


hours of design resource saved per month from one template alone for Party Casino


individual assets created in the first two weeks of February for bwin saving more than 200 man hours

“Prior to Storyteq, any tactical creative production that was requested would’ve involved five or six people to brief, plan, schedule, resource design and approve, and would use up valuable people time that could be spent on less tactical briefs. Now, it takes the requestor a fraction of the time to self-serve and have the necessary assets available instantly.”
Tabitha Winter
Director of Creative Services, Entain

The Problem

Despite having an in-house creative team of 150 people, with the many variations needed for their creative assets in multiple markets, Entain are experiencing:

A slow time-to-market
A decentralized workflow
A creative team looking to use their creativity more

Our Promise

Other automation tools Entain before used for creating templates relied on the supplier to build. With Storyteq, Entain’s marketing and creative teams can become users to create, scale, and deliver:

Create templates using Entain master files
Scale Entain’s creative assets based on diverse elements that need changing, such as price, language or size
Deliver the media through their preferred channels

The Proof

A large volume of output delivered on time
A controlled and smooth workflow across departments
A creative team that get to be creative again

The Problem

Imagine you are a Creative Digital Lead at one of the top global betting companies and your brand is launching a global digital ad campaign in 27 countries and even more markets. This is the part of your job you adore: ideating, collaborating and conceptualizing.

But after the fun, the need for multiple asset variations presents itself. You must create different ad formats, consider localization and produce all of the necessary versions of your ad, with differing calls to action, pricing, products, languages, images; all in the name of reaching the right person, in the right order, at the right time.

This process is ongoing as you relentlessly adapt your creatives to new market insights or a change in your campaign tactics.

Completing all of these tasks, you dread, will drain the creative power you and your team were hired for in the first place.

Our Promise

The Storyteq cloud-based Creative Automation platform is built upon three pillars:


We create powerful and customizable templates. through the Storyteq template builder and After Effects extension, using your master files.


We scale variations of these creative assets (premium video, HTML5 banners, statics), depending on whatever element it is you need changed: sizing, text, prices, voiceovers, images or entire scenes.


We deliver these multiplied variations when, after review, you connect and upload the media to your favorite distribution channels, directly from our platform.

The Proof

Meet Entain: world leader in sports-betting and gaming, operating in the online and retail sector. With a far-reaching portfolio of clients—including Ladbrokes and bwin—Entain enlisted us to help manage the creative demands of a prosperous sporting events & gaming industry.


Template-based production is how creatives at Entain can now render multiple variants at scale, giving them more control to quickly adjust to market needs.

The Entain creative team were all thoroughly trained in the templating process with “hero” users appointed to different brands.


Entain uses their templates to scale to multiple products (or games, or races), languages or audiences, generating a large volume of output.

For Entain, the view of an endlessly growing number of project management system tickets between creative and marketing teams is over. With one centralized platform, new versions can be produced within minutes, and these iterations can be done by either creative or marketing teams.


Now the chain is shorter because when these newly sustainable and future-proof teams need a version, they can do it themselves and the time-to-market is expedited significantly.

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which are updated at immense pace


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“One of the great benefits of the Storyteq platform is how quickly some of the static templates can be made available. From the point of receiving a request, we can have the template available just hours later. Other automation tools we previously used had to rely on the supplier to build and so the quality of the assets was not always guaranteed.”
Richard Mangan
Head of Creative Operations, Entain

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