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How Entain improves global workflow efficiencies in the production of creative assets

Dynamic templates Creative Automation File output 


decrease in design briefs received on Ladbrokes brand


hours of design resource saved per month from one template alone for Party Casino


individual assets created in the first two weeks of February for bwin saving more than 200 man hours

The problem

Entain is one of the world’s largest sports betting and gaming groups with an expansive portfolio of brands such as Ladbrokes and bwin.

Entain operate within 27 countries, which entails significant creative production work for their in-house studio. They need to ensure their creative assets are regionally relevant, whether that is in the language or in the country’s legalities surrounding sports betting. That is before marketing personalisation, where product visuals, Calls to Action or pricing will all require adapting. All in the name of reaching the right person at the right time.

But how did Entain source a more efficient means for such relentless adaptations?

The solution

Template-based production is how creative teams at Entain can now render multiple variants at scale, giving them more control to quickly adjust to market needs.
The Entain creative team were all thoroughly trained in the templating process with “hero” users appointed to different brands.

Entain uses their templates to scale to multiple products (or games or races), languages or audiences, generating a large volume of output.

For Entain, the view of an endlessly growing number of project management system tickets between creative and marketing teams is over.

Now the chain is shorter because when these newly sustainable and future-proof teams need a version, they can do it themselves and their time to market is expedited significantly.

Creative production that would have had to be requested previously would’ve involved five or six people to brief, plan, schedule, resource design and approve. Now, it takes the requester a fraction of the time to self-serve and have the necessary assets available instantly than it would to write the brief.

Richard Mangan, Head of Creative Operations, Entain

Are you struggling to keep up with the fast-paced demands for content?

Could our platform help eliminate stresses associated with versioning, reviewing and approving your creative assets? And speed up your time-to-market?