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How House of Travel took the stress out of local marketing

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The problem

House of Travel take the stress out of holiday planning for holiday makers. Through their agents’ extensive travel knowledge, they have been providing relaxing breaks for those in need since 1985. 
However managing local marketing was proving to be no holiday. Like many multi-location and franchise brands, individual stores did their local marketing themselves with very mixed results. This DIY approach would often produce off-brand material that undermined House of Travel’s brand look and feel. Worse still, there was a lot of work being done locally that marketing had no visibility of. 
It was also a costly approach, as stores faced high local design costs which were not relative to the scale of the campaign. So how did House of Travel ease the stresses from their local area marketing? 

The solution

House of Travel chose Storyteq’s brand portals technology to allow local stores to generate their own high-quality marketing using advanced templating software.   

Local stores can simply adapt brand approved templates to produce locally relevant content, given them flexibility to customise travel packages, event details, offers, staff and contact details. There are templates for emails, social tiles, press ads, event flyers, posters, staff profile sheets, slides and more. All template assets can be resized automatically.   

Approval and production ordering workflows are built into the platform.  

The portal, named Hot Generator, also hosts brandapproved assets such as images and logos via the powerful built-in DAM, along with brand guidelines that advise exactly how House of Travel stores should launch and run campaigns. 

The wide range of available resources gives local store staff ideas and inspiration to do more local activity than they otherwise would have. 

Implementing a Storyteq brand portal has been super positive for the relationship with our stores. They feel supported and empowered that they can do proactive local marketing so quickly and easily. And it’s a real stress reliever for the marketing team that we don’t have to worry about our brand being poorly presented or inconsistent.

Louise Reeves, Project Lead, House of Travel

Do you need improved efficiency and brand control with your local area marketing?

Could a Storyteq brand portal eliminate the stress associated with off-brand and inconsistent messaging?