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What are dynamic templates and how can they help you deliver better content? 

Jun 14, 2023
Creating compelling content across markets and channels has been a major challenge for marketers and creative teams ever since the internet multiplied the number of touchpoints where multifaceted audiences could be reached. The level of content needed globally for these different platforms and devices calls for a solution to scale content creation while maintaining quality and consistency. In the end, it’s not about more content, but about better content. This is where dynamic templates come into play.

What are dynamic templates?

Dynamic templates consist of a base creative asset (video, banner or image) with elements which are set to be dynamic or swappable. These can be changed from a data trigger. Text, images, sound or entire dynamic video scenes can be swapped out to instantly create customised content at scale, without sacrificing quality. 

AI-powered dynamic templates are a key component of Storyteq’s Creative Automation. Creative Automation is the process of using technology to automate the adaptation and modification of banner or video content, such as size, format, Calls To Actions, and other graphic elements. Dynamic creative templates enable high-volume content creation for high-volume demand, minimising repetitive workload for designers.   

These branded templates are created by defining the structure, components and layout of the content, as well as the rules that control how the content is generated. This enables marketers and creative teams to create localised and customised content for each market, while keeping a consistent look and feel across all of their content.  

When you know it’s time to introduce dynamic templates into your workflows…  

Dynamic templates are a powerful tool that can help marketers and creative teams resonate with more audiences, avoiding a one-size-fits-all type content strategy. If that hit a nerve, maybe you are also experiencing these following problems…  


  • You have a large, distributed team where collaboration is failing across multiple markets, delaying campaigns from going to market in time. 
  • Your team spends too much time manually adapting or creating custom content for different channels and regions. 
  • The level of repetitive versioning work is exhausting your creative teams and sometimes results in error-prone or off-brand creative work, impacting the brand’s reputation.  


  • Your marketing team is struggling to manage the complexity of multiple MarTech tools used for content creation across different channels. 
  • Every local team manages their own MarTech stack and there are inconsistencies in content output because of messy content management.  
  • Your team needs to optimise content for multiple channels, but there’s no one platform or solution that does it all.  


  • Your teams are overworked, with high costs on time and money, yet deadlines are still constantly missed.
  • You’re lacking agility in your content creation process, with revenue taking the first hit.  
  • Your local markets are doing DIY marketing and starting campaigns from scratch, which can lead to less-than-optimal output and wasted budget.  

The benefits of dynamic templates

Using dynamic templates can ensure that creative and marketing teams in top global brands can: 

  • Generate high-quality, customised content at scale 
  • Reduce the time and costs associated with campaign activation and localisation  
  • Provide greater control over brand consistency 
  • Enable more agile and efficient content production processes 
  • Optimise multichannel content 
  • Improve engagement and conversion rates across different markets 
  • Increase a campaign’s speed-to-market for  
  • Enable greater personalisation and targeting of content to specific customer segments 
  • Provide insights into content performance and usage across different markets and channels 
  • Enable better collaboration and sharing of content across different teams and markets 

Wrapping up

With dynamic templates, brands can level-up. 

Dynamic templates are more than just a tool to streamline your content creation and distribution process. They’re a gamechanger for brands that want to stay ahead of the curve and create hyper-personalised content that resonates with their audiences no matter when or where they are.  

Want to learn more on how brands like ASOS, Heineken and Mentos are winning with dynamic templates? Read our case studies here or reach out for a chat. 

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