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Storyteq becomes a Google Ads Creative Partner to future-proof digital advertising at scale

The Creative is king when looking to engage your audiences. In an oversaturated market, this requires considerable advertising efforts for companies to generate awareness, which is why Storyteq has partnered with Google to help advertisers worldwide to reach their audiences with more relevant and personalized digital creative assets.

If you are a marketing manager or digital creative lead, you might know what scaling your content production can do for your business in a time of rapid digital growth. We want to help awareness efforts by allowing Google clients to elevate the performance of all of their Google Ads campaign types through adopting new practices for scaling their creative production, like Creative Automation.

From this month, Storyteq has been selected as a trusted partner in the Google Ads Creative Partner Program. As a part of this program we will leverage our enterprise software to help develop best-in-class assets for advertisers and capture and act on insights. Through this partnership, Google and Storyteq aim to help advertisers to develop a mix of effective creative assets that increase campaign performance and improve their Google Ads strength score to maximize user reach.

With consumers’ ever-decreasing attention, and a competitive multiformat omni-channel advertising space, optimizing creative production will be the key to drive performance. These challenges, together with the demise of the cookie, are pushing advertisers worldwide to rethink their approach to ad contextualization and personalization. 

We are excited to collaborate with Google Ads on our perspectives regarding Creative Automation best practices and the power of machine learning to enhance this advertising space. Head over here to find us in the Google Ads Creative Partner Directory.

May 3, 2022
Jenni D'Alton
Content Marketing Writer
Jenni hails from Ireland and describes herself as an avid explorer and a connoisseur of trash TV. When she is not consuming every latest film or collection of short stories in her midst, she is out discovering new places to dine or dance in.

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