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Our platform is fully self-service, but additional support from experts is always available.

Sometimes, the sense of security that comes with a team of marketing experts who can configure and operate your perfect platform is too good to pass up.

Together, all across your journey

While you take control of your marketing at scale, we are there to assist you at any point in the process.

Customer Success & Onboarding

Dedicated Customer Success managers go above and beyond to cater to your needs, always striving for quick value.

Provide close guidance throughout implementation and onboarding
Offer ongoing advice on everything platform related
Host regular training sessions around new functionalities and features (and refresher sessions where necessary)

Customer Support

Knowledgeable platform experts offering quick and thorough support.

Answer user queries
Provide product information and a 24/7 self-serve Help Center with multiple articles and videos
Resolve issues

Wide-ranging client services available throughout your entire marketing journey, if you need them.


A team of experts are available to fully operate the platform with you (or for you).

Apply a template-thinking mindset
Adapt, localise and reformat creative assets
Curate content for various markets and audience segments
Control file output
Design and set up portals
Establish interactive campaign playbooks, brand guidelines, toolkits and launchpads
Define clear roles and responsibilities for asset management and campaign activation

Consultancy, training and configuration

Tech-marketing specialists help your unique brand to design its unique platform.

Scope business requirements
Conduct data-modelling
Build the proposed solution design which will structure internal workflows more effectively
Convert the design into a platform that will maximise productivity
Host weekly demos with key stakeholders to optimize the build
Manage platform setup and kick-off

How the journey looks


Manage preparations for the platform setup.


The Consulting team scope the specific brand requirements which will inform their platform’s design.


The Configuration team build a platform based on a brand’s individual needs and train appointed users on best practices.


User acceptance testing follows the platform going live, as our Managed Services team run alongside while you plan, brief, scale and activate marketing projects.


The Customer Success team are at hand for user queries and any support needed hereafter.

Want world-class, end-to-end marketing services? 

Simplify the complicated, automate the tedious and create the beautiful. Team ITG’s highly collaborative teams and innovation-led approach are transforming the way leading brands do marketing around the world.