More creatives in less time

Feeling short-handed with creative production? Looking into streamlining the creative process, opening up new advertising opportunities, or making the best out of your assets? 

The Storyteq Office
The Storyteq Office

When your business meets our business

Whether you are looking at producing a great number of ads or only a few “hyper-targeted” ones – or both –, our creative automation platform is the best way to reach your objectives in terms of creative production. Regardless of your team size, placement strategy, or whether or not you want Storyteq to do the heavy lifting for you, we help you generate all the ads you want, in all the versions you need.

Find your service model

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  •  Have an in-house team or creative agency
  •  Get our Creative Automation Platform
  • Provides the software 
  • Provides technical support used for help and guidance
  • Provides a Customer Success Manager who serves as your strategic advisor
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  • Have limited resources (labor, time, or both)
  • Need a partner to produce and/or adapt your ads for your markets
  • Provides the software and the team using the software
  • Walks you through the process, or handles it all, depending on your degree of involvement
  • Creates the content, the templates, and generates the assets. We then deliver them when you want, where you want

The team at Storyteq is highly responsive, adaptable, supportive and passionate. It has truly been a pleasure to work with them.

Mike Gillespie, Project Manager Growth Operations, Netflix
Mike Gillespie
Project Manager Growth Operations, Netflix

Managed service: What our clients ask us to do

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Some clients give us their master creative along with specific ‘versioning objectives’. We then handle the process of templating, versioning and, rendering.

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Some clients ask us to template their creatives so they can simply log into our platform and generate the versions they need themselves. Whether using data or not.

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Some clients ask us for custom projects, leveraging 3rd or 2nd party data, using dynamic creatives with elements that will be adapted at the moment of serving.

The Storyteq Office