Close the loop on your creatives’ value chain. 

Adding Storyteq’s creative automation tool to your service portfolio means that your customers can now also easily personalize, adapt, and version their creatives according to their needs.

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Creative production automation for …

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Creative Agencies

Combine your creative capabilities to our automation tool to gain a competitive edge. Create more, faster and for a lower cost.

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DAM systems

Upgrade your DAM and make it the single source of truth from which your clients can organize, share, distribute and adapt their creatives to their needs & audiences. 

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Ad management platforms

Stay ahead of your competition by adding a creative production tool to your trafficking & analytical tools under the same roof

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Integrate a creative management platform to your offerings and get a competitive edge!

Whether you chose to equip your clients with our CMP or use it for yourself, creative automation not only helps you personalize your creative to your audience easily, but it also helps you offer a volume of creatives that your clients will find nowhere else! Learn more about how our CMP is increasingly adopted by creative agencies all around the world

Gain a competitive edge by empowering your customers to do MORE with their assets

Organizing, sharing and distributing assets using one single platform is a must have, especially for companies with a global impact. What’s the next big thing? Allowing your customers to adapt their creatives to their market & needs directly from your platform!

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Creation, distribution and analytics under the same roof

Add our creative management platform to your service portfolio and close the loop. You’re now offering an end-to-end solution for the creation, adaptation, distribution and management of creatives.

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Quick video creation and adaptation for your users.

Allow your users to quickly adapt their creatives to their needs in minutes without the need of using other tools.

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Creative adaptation for any needs.

Creatives can be used for advertising, social media, and much more. Your users can adapt text, colors, languages and more in seconds.

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Complete control over user experience.

Decide the features users see and the way the Storyteq should be implementing – whether branded or white-labeled.

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