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Boosting our generative AI capabilities with acquisition 

Jun 26, 2023
The Inspired Thinking Group (ITG)’s acquisition of is fantastic news for Storyteq and our clients, bolstering our Research & Development (R&D) department as we continue to accelerate the generative AI capabilities of our MarTech.

With over 60,000 users who have already generated roughly 3 million unique images between them, are at the forefront of the movement towards generative AI. 

Now, they join Storyteq’s dedicated R&D department to further build on our growing reputation as industry leaders in Creative Automation. 

Through the ongoing development of our AI Studio tool, our R&D department are delivering the next step in the evolution of image creation – and it’s already being trialled by Storyteq clients such as Heineken. 

AI Studio is making the power of AI accessible for marketers and creatives alike, enabling intelligent product placement into any environment; the removal, expansion and building of backgrounds; photo-realistic lighting and shadows as well as the upscaling of imagery with no loss in quality. 

It’s all done with full brand compliance guaranteed, meaning businesses can use AI Studio to deliver content faster than ever before, meeting the spiralling demand from customers without the need to increase headcount. 

“The rapid development of generative AI has enabled us to go from concept to an advanced tool in months rather than years, and it’s great that major brands are trialling AI Studio’s capabilities. The future holds even greater promise, with AI Studio fast approaching the power to create logos and typography, and even entire product and packshot images from scratch.” 

Lennard Kooy, CEO of Storyteq 

The deal comes hot on the heels of ITG’s recent acquisition of ReviewStudio, enhancing creative workflows within the Storyteq platform.  

“Innovation is at the core of the Inspired Thinking Group’s identity, and the acquisition of Pixelz.AI significantly boosts Storyteq’s R&D department as we look to be the first to unleash the full power of brand-compliant generative AI.” 

Simon Ward, CEO of ITG 

With Storyteq’s AI Studio adding to the content creation capabilities of ITG Capture – which include virtual production, automated e-commerce shoots and traditional photography and film delivery – our clients have every tool they need to deliver global campaigns at pace. 

Want to know more about our AI Studio tool, and the power of generative AI? Get in touch. 

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