Creative Automation Platform

For creative and marketing teams wanting to automate their creative
production and activate on-brand campaigns in every market and channel.

Dynamic Templates

Generate multiple variations of premium video, digital and print creative assets, in seconds.

Brand Portals

Quickly adapt campaigns to easily power your local marketing.


Find, modify and share all your creative content, instantly.

Creative Marketing Operations Platform
For multi-brand enterprises wanting to get full control of their end-to-end campaign workflows and automate their creative production.
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Creative Marketing Operations

For multi-brand enterprises wanting to get full control of their end-to-end campaign workflows and automate their creative production.


Want an award-winning platform designed specifically for the automotive industry?


Our powerful customer engagement platform allows you to easily create omnichannel communications at scale

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Creative Automation > Dynamic Templates

The future of creative production
is automated.

Generate all your creative assets for every channel. Instantly.

Unlock the power of dynamic templates to scale your video, digital and print production and eliminate slow (and expensive) manual processes.

This is Dynamic Templates

Easily create, localise and scale premium video, HTML5 banners and statics.  

Whether you’re working directly in the Storyteq Templater for After Effects or Storyteq’s browser-based Template Builder, create dynamic templates to make instant adaptations to your creative content. 

Deliver digital campaigns faster than ever. 

Rapidly generate all your digital banners and statics with our easy-to-use award-winning platform. Automated data CSV imports and batch production functionality mean you can deliver rich campaigns on time, on budget, on every platform and on every channel.  

Get fully customisable print-ready templates. 

Make sure every market, franchise or store is on brand, with fully customisable and reusable brand templates to create Point of Sale (POS), brochures, banners, invitations – anything you need to bring your brand message to life in print.

Creativity takes time, but creative production shouldn’t.  

With your creative assets quickly adapted and saved to any format, you can now activate your campaigns at speed, test their effectiveness and automatically optimise performance, while keeping all your marketing firmly on brand.

Unlock the power…

Magic resizing 

Algorithmically scale your creative assets to different formats with a single click. 

Top banner compression 

Compress individual layers with direct feedback to ensure maximum visual fidelity. 

PSD importer 

Upload your Adobe Photoshop creations directly into our self-service Template Builder. 

Bulk download 

Download your generated assets in bulk as a single ZIP file.

Pixel-perfect previews 

Immediately see the result of what you want to create and ensure pixel perfect creative assets. 

DAM integration 

Use existing files from your Digital Asset Manager (DAM) to create and deliver new digital assets with the click of a button. 

Cloud-based rendering 

Generate large batches of creative assets in no time with our world-class performance and scale rendering. 

Full-team access 

Share collections of creative assets with multiple colleagues or stakeholders. 

Empower A/B testing

Generate endless possibilities to run multivariate testing campaigns and optimise ads conversion.

One ecosystem

Plug in to your existing MarTech stack and deliver customised content in an instant. Check the integrations.

…of dynamic templates.

Want to know why these
brands love Storyteq? 

“200 of our man hours were saved in two weeks.”

– Mentos

“We created 6,000+ ads in three months, saving 550 days production time.”


“As it’s fast and easy to create variations, so we can now test 20 ads at a time. The process is so self-explanatory.”

– Bwin 

“We reduced our creative production costs by 40%.”

– Heineken

“The After Effects plugin is for me the star. It’s intuitive, easy to learn and complex enough to do some great things.”

– Pokerstars

Book a demo to see how you can scale your creative production and reduce your costs. 

Want instant access to all your brand content and the power to promote it?

Give all your marketers ready-to-use on-brand content, campaigns and dynamic playbooks, for instant localisation.