Scale your video and banner production

Scale your ad creative production using custom templates, batch creation tools, and data-driven dynamic elements using your audience data.

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Use Creative Automation to…

Visual how to automate the production of video versions
Automate the production of video
variations in a few clicks
Visual how to test your video variations
Test your video variations until
you find the best possible
Visual how to save hours on creating video variations
Save hundreds of hours
creating your video variations

Combat ad fatigue with the right tool

Every ad campaign you run, will eventually encounter ad fatigue. The demand for creative refreshes – whether traditional or via Facebook’s “Pitch, Play, Plunge” model – means you need to produce more creatives in different formats. This is a time consuming and expensive process. 

Storyteq’s creative automation solution takes the lead and allows you to make all the versions you need at record speed.

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Personalize creatives to your audience in just a few clicks

The Storyteq platform offers the flexibility you need to adapt the same base creative easily to each audience segment. New creative versions can be designed and rendered in minutes. Whether you want to swap a visual asset, render out different language variations in bulk, or display specific scenes within the creative.

Most creatives are born equal, but only some succeed in life

Multivariate ad testing allows you to test multiple variants of ad elements to see which combinations of elements give the best results. This requires producing lots of assets, which can hardly be done manually. Storyteq’s creative automation platform does the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on what matters.

See how Voodoo, the world’s biggest hyper-casual gaming app publisher, uses creative automation for multivariate testing.

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Collection of different display ads

All formats you need, starting from the same base creative

Whether video or display, stories or feed, we’ve got you covered. Our magic resize tool allows you to transform your base creative in the format of preference in just a few clicks.

Visit the ad format page to see all formats our platform supports.

Using Storyteq, our team was able to produce 6,000+ ad versions in three months, saving an estimated 550 days of production time.

Rishwan Ashraf
Creative Marketing Manager, Voodoo

Create and adapt your assets at lightning speed

There are ways to produce more creatives faster without increasing your headcount and costs, while avoiding the time-consuming back-and-forth between creative parties. 
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