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Focus on creativity, avoid repetitive tasks and scale your asset production.

Quickly iterate your creative assets and boost ad campaign performance.

Deliver high volumes of premium creative assets for all your clients.

Managed Services

Our own internal team which supports our clients in their Creative Automation operations.

API & Integrations

Automate creative production with our API and SDK integrations from any environment.


As an integrated multi-channel solution, our users can collaborate across multiple ecosystems.

First-hand accounts on how our customers use our solution in their marketing campaigns.

Updates, insights, and articles featuring top industry leaders to help you scale your creative production.

Watch our webinars to keep informed on the latest news and best practices in Creative Automation.

Guides containing best practices, workflows, and insights to take your creative production to the next level.

Managed Services

Our own internal team which supports our clients in their Creative Automation operations.

API & Integrations

Automate creative production with our API and SDK integrations from any environment.


As an integrated multi-channel solution, our users can collaborate across multiple ecosystems.
Cloud-based Creative Automation Platform

Generate all the variations of PREMIUM VIDEO HTML5 BANNERS STATICS PREMIUM VIDEO you need, in minutes.

Experience the power of our Adobe After Effects Extension and self-service Template Builder.

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Create powerful and dynamic templates

Scale variations of creative assets

Deliver media to platforms and channels


Turn your master files into powerful dynamic customizable templates.

Exceptional self-service usability and speed, with no creative boundaries, thanks to the power of the Adobe Creative Suite and our Template Builder.

Multiple formats from one dynamic template

Create on-brand templates for premium videos (MP4s), banners (HTML5), and statics (JPGs, PNGs, and more) all from one canvas, in any size, without any code.

Complete creative control due to our After Effects integration

Render bespoke creative assets by simply specifying which layer you want to make dynamic in existing After Effects projects.

Easy to use and intuitive interface

Our drag and drop, browser-based Template Builder lets you build templates at unparalleled usability and speed.

Build templates

Turn your master files into dynamic templates with our powerful self-service tools.

Custom fonts

Utilize all your custom fonts to be 100% brand compliant.

Magic resizing

Algorithmically scale your creative assets to different formats with a single click.

One timeline to rule them all

Avoid repetitive work by managing all your sizes from a single timeline.

Dynamic placeholders

Make your layers dynamic for image, text, audio, video, color…you name it.

Adobe After Effects Extension

Create templates right from our Adobe After Effects Extension to streamline your workflows.

PSD Importer

Upload your Photoshop creations directly into our self-service Template Builder.

Best-in-class banner compression

Compress individual layers with direct feedback to ensure maximum visual fidelity.


Tailor all of the creative asset versions you need with minimal effort.

Easily manage your workflows between
creative and marketing teams around the world.

Turn data into compliant assets

Import data manually or from a variety of sources and turn them into brand compliant assets that match your delivery requirements.

On-the-fly asset creation

Intuitively create new assets with pixel perfection is as easy as submitting a form.

Powerful batch processing

Quickly generate creative assets in bulk by uploading your spreadsheet or using our intuitive batch creator.

Pixel-perfect previews

Immediately see the result of what you want to create to ensure pixel perfect creative assets.

Cloud-based rendering

Generate large batches of creative assets in no time with our word-class performance and scale rendering.

Adjustable output setting

Configure the quality and size of your asset per individual format.


Integrate our powerful asset creation engine into your custom flows or martech stack with our easy to implement API.

On a loop

Apply looping to your banners up to three times so you can present your advertisements on repeat.

Powerful management

Organize your templates and generated assets with intuitive filters, folders and tags.

Integrate your feeds

Connect your product feeds to your templates to simplify data input for asset creation.

Data validation

Validate your input data with template requirements to ensure brand compliancy.


Simply connect and upload your media to major marketing channels, Digital Asset Management (DAM) or Marketing Resource Management (MRM) platforms or create custom integrations.

Enable your marketing teams to use on-brand media to efficiently run campaigns, improve performance, and reach your target audiences worldwide.

Fast delivery

Deliver your pixel-perfect, on-brand assets to all major ad channels (Facebook, Instagram, Google) per one or per batch, directly from within the Storyteq platform.

Perfectly organized

Use our platform to configure custom naming schemes, add meta data, and control quality settings to ensure compatibility with every channel and format.

Review assets with stakeholders

Easily collaborate, review, and quality-check your files with (external) stakeholders to get them ready for delivery.

One click channel connection and delivery

Connect to major social media channels, DAMs or ad servers to your media deliver on the fly.

Connect your DAMs

Use existing files on your DAM to create new assets and massively deliver new assets with the click of a button to Google Drive, Brandfolder and Bynder.

Bulk download

Massively download your generated assets as a single zip file. No more hassle to download your assets one-by-one.

Output quality control

File too big? Not a problem. Control your assets’ quality with ease to adhere to market standards.

Automated review flows

Create smart filters for collections of assets that automatically notify others to provide feedback.

Built-in taxonomy

Flexible and intuitive automatic naming of your creative assets for individual delivery channels with our easy-to-use naming scheme configurations.

Back and forth changes

Quickly edit and replace assets without having to start from scratch.

Open arms to all

Share collections of assets with colleagues or stakeholders without the need of a Storyteq account.

Company-level security and 2FA ISO27001 certified and compliant.

Enable two-factor authentication so that your creations are safe and sound.

Easily integrate

components of our platform within your MarTech stack. Or connect to our API as a powerful asset generation engine.


Fully GDPR-compliant so you always have peace of mind.

Fast time to value

Instantly experience the benefits of adopting the Storyteq platform.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on available for all major Identity Service Providers.

Multiple dedicated workspaces

Have separate environments for your brands through a centralized access point.

Internal analytics

Through our platform dashboard, remain informed on the statistics of what is created, when, and for which audiences.

Dedicated customer support

Enjoy on-call access to a success account manager as well as outstanding onboarding, training and support. 

A self-service cloud-based platform backed by the best industry experts

Customer Success

The Storyteq platform is fully self-service and accessible online 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Our experienced customer success team will get you up and running quickly.

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will draw up a personalized onboarding plan based on your goals and needs.

We’re focused on adding value for you in the short term, with premium training and ongoing consulting for successful implementation. We can be reached by Slack, chat, email, or phone to make sure you are always moving forward.

Since 2016, we have onboarded over 500 creative digital leads and marketers from over 100+ companies, across all industries, and managed thousands of support requests.
We passionately service clients worldwide with great support and state-of-the-art technology.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services team can also support you in creating templates, scaling creative assets, and delivering media throughout all the various steps of your Creative Automation process.

So, if you need a sparring partner to rethink your content, template building or improve your workflows, our Managed Services team can jump in to support you.