Create award-winning campaigns at record-breaking speed 

Template-powered automation unlocks the speed and flexibility your teams need for a fast production turnaround.   

Data-driven creatives unlock the advertising opportunities your clients want.   

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The world’s leading agencies use Storyteq

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Harness the benefits of template-driven automation:

“Minor edits” are never minor. Editing back and forth can end up being time-consuming for your team. Not when using templates. Swap out different elements and replace entire scenes to deliver personalized creatives to markets and audiences. 

Save time on your content creation. Transform each element of your base creative into variables, ready to be dynamically adjusted upon data input.

Adjust aspect ratios. Create or import a creative with a specific ratio and let our resizing algorithm generate alternative formats for you. 

Connect templates to different data sources such as product feeds, DAM systems, and distribution channels.

Full creative flexibility for any strategy

Dynamic creatives: Automate the production process and easily adapt your creatives to your audience. More

Personal videos in CRM: Combine customer data with video and deliver personalized messages to your customers. More

Dynamic Creative Optimization: Automate the production process to easily test and optimize your creatives. More

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Manage multiple clients, better

Multiple clients, one tool

Keep projects and clients organized and segmented across multiple accounts.

Push your assets directly to your clients’ platforms

Connect each of your accounts to your clients’ ad channels, DAM systems, and more.

Integrated review system

Share your creatives for review directly from our platform and, keep your list of pending reviews intelligible and organized.

What’s great about adding Storyteq’s platform to our marketing stack is that as we grow our client’s portfolio, we don’t need to add headcount to the creative team to keep up with the creative production. The automation truly takes away the production issues tied to large creatives production.
Bo Thé, Founder Boomerang Agency
Bo The 
Founder, Boomerang Agency

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