Creatives at Scale

Video is changing. We used to create just one video for our marketing message. Today we have to adapt it to different aspect ratios, lengths, products, messages and audiences.

Sounds like a lot of work? Not with Creatives at Scale.

Example of a template for travel agencies. The platform allows you to fill in the season, destination, number of days and the price in dollars.
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Use Creatives at Scale to…

Decorative image to reduce costs of video and banner production
Reduce costs of video and banner production.
Decorative image for 'decrease time to market for your campaigns'
Decrease time to market for your campaigns.
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Serve relevant content to all your audiences. 

What is Creatives at Scale?

Creatives at Scale enables you to create videos in a few clicks. We break up the videos in elements, which can be put together in thousands of ways, to create relevant videos for your target audience.

You think your production can’t be scaled?
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How does it work?

We create a template which combines various video elements such as scenes, texts, voice-overs, audio, products and images. Depending on the viewer, the relevant elements are put together in a video, created uniquely for them.

Why and where should I use it?

With Creatives at Scale, brands can generate unique videos in a few seconds. Allowing you to be more relevant for different audiences, lowering production costs, bringing consistency and automating your workflow.

Use it for example for:

Global ad campaigns

Distributing ad campaigns in multiple countries often requires more than just changing the language. With Smart Video Production, you can easily change scenes, texts, voice-overs and CTAs in line with the target audience.

See how Heineken did this

Feed-based videos

Is your brand changing its prices frequently? Or do you want to promote a wide range of products? With smart production you can add your feed to a video template to automatically generate new videos based on changes in your feed.

See how Corendon did this

Consistent styling

Communicate your brand across all platforms and channels in a coherent way while making your message relevant with dynamic video elements.

See how Eurail did this