Personalized Video in CRM

Let your brand stand out with personalized video in your email marketing and improve customer experience and satisfaction. Use our platform to connect your CRM data with a video template and easily integrate personalized videos in your email flows.

Use Personalized Video in CRM to…

A unique 1:1 message for all your customers.
Engage your customer base like never before.
Optimize your CRM flows. Test and adjust your content.

What is personalized video?

Personalized video combines customer data with video. This enables brands to deliver a unique message to every unique customer.

How does it work?

Connect your CRM database and marketing automation system to our platform. Combine the data with a video template we create for you to send out emails with personalized videos automatically or manually.

Why and where should I use it?

Personalization can help you reach customers at critical touchpoints in the customer journey. Choose to address your audience personally with a video via email and convey a more meaningful message.

Use it for example for:

Happy onboarding

The first experience a new customer has with your brand should be memorable. Onboard your customers with personalized videos and increase activation and satisfaction levels.

See how Van Gogh Museum did this

Boost conversions

Turn leads into conversions at the final stages of the buying cycle with personalized video to re-engage website visitors and encourage them to complete their payment.

See how KLM did this

Visualizing user data

Present data overviews in an engaging way. Bring your information to life with personalized video overviews such as annual subscription plans and user data.

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