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Focus on creativity, avoid repetitive tasks and scale your asset production.

Quickly iterate your creative assets and boost ad campaign performance.

Deliver high volumes of premium creative assets for all your clients.

Managed Service

API & Integrations


Cloud-based Creative Automation Platform

Generate all the variations of PREMIUM VIDEO HTML5 BANNERS STATICS PREMIUM VIDEO you need, in minutes.

For digital creative leads and marketing teams of top global companies.

Improve cross-departmental creative workflows

Ensure brand compliance globally and regionally

Expand your creative output without adding headcount

Accelerate your go-to-market speed in a smart way




1. Create powerful templates

Build powerful templates to produce multiple versions of premium videos, banners and statics out of your master files.

2. Scale creative assets

Generate endless varieties of creative assets you need to produce personalized and localized versions that work for multiple audiences and markets.

3. Deliver media on your channels

Review and connect your media directly to your Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Marketing Resource Management (MRM) platforms and paid marketing channels.

Increase your
return on investment
with Storyteq

Generating multiples of creative assets can be time-consuming and expensive, resulting in less creativity, slow go-to-market speed, and brand inconsistency.

That’s why we created Storyteq.

Since 2016, we help Creative Digital Leads and Global Marketing teams of the leading companies worldwide to create, scale and deliver media in more flexible and adaptive ways of working than ever before.

We call this Creative Automation.  


1 platform

Adobe After Effects + Template Builder.

creative teams empowered globally
guaranteed uptime
daily templates created
1.5 million
monthly creative assets
countries reached with scaled content
verticals (From Gaming to FMCG and everything in between)
Certified and compliant for enterprise

Meet some of the
global companies
winning with
Creative Automation

“We needed a solution that would allow us to scale our video content into 20+ different markets and various channels. Storyteq helped us achieve these goals while providing excellent service.”

Noah Herring
Programmatic Advertising, CarNext

Get started with
Creative Automation

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Let’s scope your business goals and creative challenges to evaluate how our Creative Automation cloud-based platform can help you succeed.

Tailor the solution for your challenge

Understand the ins and outs of powerful templates and start laying the foundations so that Creative Automation can work to your advantage.

Scale media production easily

Sign the proposal and supercharge your creative workflows, running more effective global digital campaigns faster, easier, on-brand and on budget.

Blog Case Study Guide

Cookieless advertising: What you need to know as third-party data disappears

When the cookie crumbles, and marketers do not have access to the same user data, they will be in need of a solution.

How Storyteq helps Entain improve global efficiencies in the production of creative assets

In turn increasing their output volume and production speed while streamlining workflows.  

Get your Creative

Building an efficient production process
through Creative Automation.

Frequently Asked

How does our pricing work?

All packages include the one-time setup fee and a monthly recurring license fee which varies based on platform usage or extra support requests from our Managed Service team. With the Storyteq platform, you can increase your creative production without needing to increase your headcount. In other words, our platform can save you money, time, and creative energy.

What’s the learning curve to master the Creative Automation platform?

Our Customer Success team will guide you with embedding our platform in your workflow and help the creative teams think in templates. We then also train the teams in a way that suits your organization best. This usually takes two 90 minutes training sessions and follow-up sessions for Q&A. We follow up constantly during the first months to make sure adoption takes place with continuous attention and advice.

We don’t really have a team of creatives. Can you help us?

At Storyteq, we have a dedicated team of experts, the Managed Service team, who can work elbow to elbow with your team to get things done.

To what ad channels and Digital Asset Management systems can the Storyteq platform connect?

Storyteq is an official creative partner for the world’s largest platforms. Import your assets and deliver your creatives directly to the following ad channels: Facebook Ad Manager, Google Ads, Google DV360, Google Campaign manager and Digital Assets Management systems: CanopyCloud, Brandfolder, Bynder, Google Drive, or custom integrations.