Meet Guido Postma-Eijrond, our new Senior Automation Developer

A few weeks ago, we welcomed a new member to our team – Guido Postma-Eijrond, who will take over the Senior Automation Developer role. In this interview, we sat down with Guido to chat about his passion for video automation. Get to meet him in this quick interview below.

Hello Guido, tell me a bit about your background. What did you do before Storyteq?

Guido: For a long time, I worked as a contractor for RTL, Holland’s biggest broadcaster. It was an interesting period because, back in the day, broadcast graphics were done manually and they featured a lot of animations. 

During that period, I proposed to automate this process and came up with a system that helped achieve this. I’m happy to say that the company is still creating daily line-ups and graphics using this system. 

And because RTL found the system valuable, they wanted to have a reliable partner behind it, which is why, together with a partner, we launched Automo. 

Later on, we wanted to reach out to more than just broadcasters and also expand our services to marketers, so we eventually rebranded our company under the name Rednun.

This company was later sold to a Belgian Big Data company, where I continued working and helped create and manage the Support & Operations department. And here I am today!

Why did you decide to join Storyteq?

Guido: I think we found each other at exactly the right time. I can quickly pick up where I left off a few years ago and continue contributing my knowledge and experience in the field of video automation.

I feel right at home and very much welcome!

What do you want to accomplish here at Storyteq?

Guido: Together with the Managed Service team, my role is to create and optimize complex After Effects video templates in the platform.

I hope to contribute in creating tools like extensions that the team and customers can benefit from to easily adopt their workflows to the Storyteq platform.

Also, I am passionate about what I do so I want to have fun and enjoy work while contributing to and learning from the team.

Tell me about your favourite tools and how you use them in your daily work.

Guido: Being an old-school IRC user, I really love to work with Slack to communicate and to reduce the amount of daily emails.

Google Docs is also great for collaboration. With their reliable and easy-to-use documents and spreadsheets, it’s easy to script dashboards and create visual tools.

Could you share your work philosophy? Are there any guidelines or principles you are following?

Guido: I am a pretty hands-on person, so I think that whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

What are your views about the digital marketing space right now, and how does video come into the picture?

Guido: Right now, more marketers are using video as part of their strategy. I believe personalized videos are a fantastic way to communicate relevant information and target specific audiences.

“I believe video communicates better so this is a marketing tool that everyone could benefit from.”

Guido Postma-Eijrond, Senior Automation Developer at Storyteq

Using subtle nuances in visuals, graphics, dynamic scene selection, and voice-overs, you have a wealth of opportunities to approach your storytelling effectively.

Do you recall a memorable project you worked on that made someone’s work better?

Guido: A story that I remember fondly is when the Adobe After Effects team came over to our office and were impressed with what we achieved with the tool.

We were happy to share some ideas with them and thanks to our feedback, they eventually made some changes that improved the templates experience. That was a very exciting moment. 

Finally, what inspires you to do your work better every day?

Guido: I ultimately want to make a difference by helping the team and customers accomplish their goals – all while keeping a high level of quality.

At the same time, I am all for optimization so that means working towards creating cost-efficient and intuitive workflows and procedures that can improve people’s daily work. 

If you’d like to learn more about Guido, feel free to say “hi” to him on LinkedIn.

Dec 15, 2020
Andreea Serb
Content Strategist at Storyteq
Andreea is a content strategist at Storyteq and is passionate about writing, storytelling, and cross-functional collaboration. When she’s not busy typing away, you will always see her reading a good book.

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