Storyteq and Brandfolder announce partnership

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Brandfolder, the world’s most powerfully Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform. Brandfolder helps marketers and creatives easily manage and distribute their assets, and understand how they’re performing.

The Integration

The Storyteq x Brandfolder integration allows Brandfolder customers to efficiently create and distribute on-hand, design-quality video creative. Designers/producers can create video templates in the Storyteq online editor or with an After Effects extension, which are pushed directly to Brandfolder and made available for editing by end users – with no design or video production skills necessary.

The other way around, Storyteq users can easily select and manage digital assets from Brandfolder’s central source within the Storyteq-platform.


Founded in 2012, and located in Denver, Colorado, Brandfolder is the premier leader in digital asset management. Built for organizations of all sizes and industries, Brandfolder delivers a visually elegant platform that allows the users to easily store, organize, find, manage, distribute, and analyze their digital content.

For more information about Brandfolder, visit:

Sep 24, 2020
Pim van Willige
Pim van Willige
Marketing Specialist at Storyteq
As Storyteq’s Marketing Technologist, Pim develops, implements, monitors, and optimizes digital marketing campaigns across various marketing channels. After hours, you can find him heading out for a run or racing his bike.

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