Storyteq partners up with Team ITG to unlock Creative Automation for global enterprises

June 2021, Birmingham, UK & Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Team ITG, the technology-led marketing business headquartered in Birmingham, has acquired a majority stake in Creative Automation software company Storyteq, based in Amsterdam.

Today, we’re proud to share that we’re forming a new and meaningful partnership with Team ITG that will empower content production at scale for large organizations around the world.

As more collaborative and creative work happens across a growing number of platforms, we look to work with partners whose products further that vision of work.

We strongly believe marketing and creative teams benefit from a diverse and dynamic ecosystem of platforms that help them automate repetitive tasks so they can focus on what they know doing best, which is being creative and coming up with unique concepts.

We’re looking forward to all the opportunities to deepen our relationship on both a product and strategic basis, and build towards a more cohesive brand operating system that enables global enterprises to create content at scale. 

This exciting new partnership amplifies the power of the CanopyCloud platform, which liberates marketers to automatically produce rich, localized and personalized content, animation and videos – a giant step forward in a previously complicated, slow and expensive process.

About Storyteq

Storyteq started as a spin-off from a creative agency called Storymail. During the agency time, the team used to manually create a large volume of videos, which quickly led to experiencing the pain of creating multiple versions of a creative concept.

This became one of the main drivers to develop the core technology of adapting creative assets based on data instead of manual work – and create a platform that could help others who go through the same challenge.

Storyteq’s mission is to revolutionize the way creatives are produced. Today, leading brands like Netflix, Heineken, Perfetti Van Melle, and Ahold Delhaize use our Creative Automation platform not only to save time and cut costs, but also to produce better content on a global scale.

Our clients use our platform to create video or banner templates they can automatically adapt based on their campaign requirements – think language changes, creative variants for split-testing, creative sequencing, aspect ratio adaptation, and much more – all generated in minutes. 

Lennard Kooy, CEO of Storyteq shares: “We firmly believe that Creative Automation – the process of gaining flexibility to automatically adapt and scale your asset production process – is the next-generation way to give your customers the personalized, targeted, convenient experience they expect and want.

Using a modern Creative Automation platform, teams can create personalized and contextual content for their audience in a way that feels far more lightweight and convenient than the manual ways of the past.”

About Team ITG

Team ITG is a tech-led marketing business on a mission to liberate marketers by blending a cutting edge tech-stack and a dedicated team of over 1,000 marketers to help everyone be their creative best.

Simon Ward, founder and CEO of Team ITG, said: “Team ITG has grown organically and completed multiple acquisitions in recent years, which speaks to the strength of our technology-led proposition and fanatical approach to customer service.

This latest strategic acquisition further extends our capabilities in content automation and maintains our disruptive position in the market. Full creative and marketing automation for major global brands is here.” 

We’re excited to join forces with Team ITG to create a more seamless workflow for marketers, designers, and production teams, which will ultimately lead to more transformative work.

We believe partnering up with Team ITG brings Storyteq one step closer to our goal of revolutionizing the way creatives are produced.

We’re looking forward to sharing more details about this exciting new partnership in the coming months.

Jul 1, 2021
Andreea Serb
Content Strategist at Storyteq
Andreea is a content strategist at Storyteq and is passionate about writing, storytelling, and cross-functional collaboration. When she’s not busy typing away, you will always see her reading a good book.

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