To build better products, build better relationships: A chat with Simon Blok

Simon Blok, our Customer Success Lead, talked to us about the fulfillment of creating value for clients and why recurrent feedback improves both processes and products.

In the customer success world, you’re confronted with two inescapable facts: the excitement of helping people get familiarized with your product, but also the immense responsibility of meeting their needs in an empathetic way.

We caught up with Simon to discuss his background in customer success and why conversations with clients help improve both processes and product functionality.

Hi Simon, could you briefly introduce yourself?

Simon: I’m Simon and live in Amsterdam with my family. I’m the proud father of my 4-year-old twins, Kasper and Hannah. I have a background in Sociology, Journalism and Media. I also love building up knowledge about how to create successful content.

I’ve been with Storyteq since the beginning and saw the company grow to where it is now. It truly has been an amazing experience to provide clients with a product that can make their lives easier.

What makes it exciting about working in the Customer Success team at Storyteq?

Simon: Oh, it’s great! It’s all about making our clients happy – and that’s a very fulfilling task. We’re always focused on creating value for our clients by making sure they use the platform to save cost and time.

How do you maximize value to our customers? Could you share your principles?

Simon: My principles are pretty simple. I think there are a couple of ingredients that make for a great customer experience:

  • The willingness to understand our clients’ specific situation
  • Setting common goals based on that situation
  • Creating a smooth and digestible onboarding ride
  • Giving customers your full attention when it really matters 
  • Being a trusted advisor
  • Keeping it light and fun

Could you share a few best practices for building a strong, scalable Customer Success experience?

Simon: It’s all about creating a great customer journey. We ensure our customers have clarity on each step needed to use our platform.

At the same time, we also create the opportunity for clients to determine their own growth path. I think structure and expectation management are crucial, whilst maintaining the flexibility to accommodate clients in a way that best suits their needs and priorities.

Do you recall any interesting story or experience you had with one of our customers that really left a mark?

Simon: I can definitely share a more high-level experience. Our platform is meant for creatives – creative people who love to create not reiterate. Sometimes we encounter creatives who have to create hundreds of assets by manually typing different copies into Excel sheets to be able to create new versions. 

Whether it’s because of the perpetual need of the expanding media landscape and channels, due to localization, or multivariate testing purposes, there’s a massive need for different versions of their base creative. So ultimately, a large part of their work is spent on boring and repetitive tasks.

I just love that moment when I show people our platform and a smile appears on their faces when they realize this aspect could be a thing of the past. 

What’s your advice for marketers and designers who want to better engage with their audience through advertising?

Simon: Be as relevant as possible. Keep it short and sweet. Including one clear call to action. Focus on hitting the right emotion. Always activate more positive than negative emotions. And make the brand an integral part of the ad.

Finally, what inspires you to do your work better every day?

Simon: Tough one! I’d say definitely our clients but also my internal will to improve, learn, and evolve. I get a lot of energy from helping clients and using their feedback to keep on improving the processes to accommodate them and make our product better every day.

The Customer Success team is constantly in contact with clients, so we are their internal stakeholders and spokespersons. Our input is crucial in what we improve and how we improve it. I really love that about my job.

Thanks, Simon for this interview! If you’d like to learn more about Simon, feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

Apr 26, 2021
Andreea Serb
Content Strategist at Storyteq
Andreea is a content strategist at Storyteq and is passionate about writing, storytelling, and cross-functional collaboration. When she’s not busy typing away, you will always see her reading a good book.

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