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MarTech Summit London, November  2022

Guido Derkx on: How Global Brands Streamline their Marketing Operations through Automation

What is the Marketing Execution Gap?

It exists as a result of two widespread factors in the advertising space: the accelerating demand for relevant personalised content and the fact that creative operations and resources remain unchanged.

Watch Guido Derkx’s Keynote speech at the 2022 MarTech Summit London to find out how to leverage the power of Creative Marketing Operations to deliver the right message, to the right audience, in the moments that matter.

In this keynote, Guido will walk you through:

Improving campaign budgets

What is driving the continuous need for more and better creative content on a global scale, making campaign budgets go further. 

Brand control at a global scale

How global brands embrace end-to-end automation to create greater efficiency by reducing waste and increasing central adoption of assets without giving up brand control on a global scale. 

Optimising creative workflows

Why adopting automation will transform your creative workflows for the better, providing huge efficiencies in content adaptation, delivery and optimisation, empowering both global and local marketers.

Watch the Recording:

Guido Derkx, Chief Commercial Officer at Storyteq

Guido Derkx

CCO (Chief Commercial Officer)

Guido Derkx, Chief Commercial Officer at Storyteq, has been with the company since its 2016 origins in his home country of the Netherlands. As the need for content increases, Guido is dedicated to automating the way multiple versions of creative assets are reproduced, affording creative people more time to work on new ideas. Guido is now one of the faces at the helm of Storyteq’s latest expansion, which offers a one-of-a-kind solution that not only scales creative production but provides a system for the planning and optimisation stages of a campaign across workflows, departments and all marketing operations.