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Case study: World’s biggest hyper-casual gaming-app publisher, produces 6,000+ ad versions in 3 months for multivariate testing

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About Voodoo

Voodoo, the world’s biggest hyper-casual gaming app publisher, releases a lot of games. A lot!

To support the promotion of those games, Voodoo’s marketing & creative teams not only need to produce a lot of video creatives, but they also need to produce multiple versions of the same base creatives that they will use for multivariate testing.

The challenge

This results in the need of thousands of creatives, which can hardly be produced manually. 

Instead, Voodoo chose Storyteq’s template-powered automation platform in order to:


  • Produce more creatives, faster
  • Avoid increasing production costs or headcount
  • Distribute the assets directly to the ad channels
  • Run and test multiple video variations in order to optimize ad campaign results (Dynamic Creative Optimization).
Storyteq Platform for Voodoo
DCO, applied on a Voodoo game

6x faster production

Storyteq’s creative automation platform enables Voodoo to generate new video versions directly from Storyteq’s cloud, ready to be delivered to publishing platforms and ad channels.


Using Storyteq’s Adobe After Effects extension, Voodoo can now export their projects into templates, where pre-selected layers become future variable elements, ready to be adjusted dynamically through data triggers.

This means that all the elements, ranging from box colors, to CTA, to even scenes or sounds can be dynamically changed before rendering out different ad version in batches, straight from Storyteq’s cloud.


The benefits

Automating the creative production process allowed Voodoo to achieve the following:

  • Rendering out all the video ad versions in batches
  • Lowering production cost and time
  • Pushing the assets directly to their publishing platform, ad channels, DAMs and more
  • Quickly testing the best performing combination of elements, eventually finding the best performing ad version
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Using Storyteq, our team was able to produce 6,000+ ad versions in three months, saving an estimated 550 days of production time.
Noah Herring, Head of Programmatic Advertising at CarNext
Rishwan Ashraf
Creative Marketing Manager, Voodoo

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