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Case Study

The Challenge

For Voodoo, the Storyteq-platform should bridge the gap between creativity and media. The platform enables Voodoo to:


  • Lower production costs on video content
  • Increase the speed of creating and adjusting video content and distribution
  • Run and test multiple video variants in order to optimize ad campaign results (Dynamic Creative Optimization).


  • Dynamic Video
  • Creatives at Scale
  • DCO

Our Solution

Our platform enables Voodoo to generate new video content for their Facebook and Instagram campaign in a few clicks, all from one central place. Using Storyteq’s Adobe After Effects plugin, Voodoo’s original video ad was turned into a video template where pre-selected layers become future variables, ready to be adjusted dynamically through automatized data input. In other words, all the selected elements within the original video became modular elements. 

With the right data input, all possible video ad variations can be generated within minutes before being pushed to DAMs, social channels and/or other publishing platforms. The most important benefits for Voodoo are the following:

  • Lower production cost and time
  • Ensure brand consistency
  • Get more results out of video ads

The Result

Dynamic Elements



Block colors

Aspect ratio

Duration of video

Call to action

DCO image with ad tests

Using Storyteq, our team was able to produce 6,000+ ad versions in three months, saving an estimated 550 days of production time.

Rishwan Ashraf
Creative Marketing Manager, Voodoo

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