Case study: How a leading creative agency takes productivity to the next level by automating their creative production

Three clients of Boomerang Creative Agency: Heineken, CarNext and Squla.
Boomerang website: "We specialise in connecting brands and people, online and offline. Here is some of our booming work."

About Boomerang Creative Agency

Boomerang is an independent creative agency that specializes in connecting brands and people, both online and offline. 

As a leading creative agency, Boomerang’s creative department is the centerpiece of its brand. The agency works with top brands around the world (e.g. Netflix, Amazon and Heineken) to conceptualize and create digital campaigns that attract hundreds of thousands of customers. 

The challenge

As Boomerang diversifies its portfolio, it has a growing need to deliver more creatives than ever. Editors are spending a lot of time manually creating versions (resizing, changing formats, adding new messaging, swapping scenes, etc.) for all assets.

Time that could be spent much more efficiently if producers could get away from laborious tasks and focus on the actual creative process instead.

Adopting Storyteq’s creative automation platform, would allow Boomerang to: 

  • Produce assets at scale to provide their clients with a steady flow of content
  • Reduce the production cost per asset
Examples of creatives of Boomerang's campaign for Heineken
Visualizing Boomerang's asset production at scale

A scalable asset production process

Storyteq’s creative automation platform helps Boomerang boost their productivity, solve their asset production bottleneck in terms of creating multiple versions of the same asset.

Additionally, Boomerang has also created a new approach to produce assets for advertising campaigns by creating a dynamic video department within their agency to focus specifically on this type of work.

By combining talent and technology, Boomerang now banks on the idea of offering more to their clients: more assets, more options, and more variations.

The benefits

Automating the creative production process allows Boomerang to deliver a consistent, authentic experience in every ad campaign: 

  • Gain post-production speed
  • Create more assets at a lower cost in the long run
  • Create targeted content for global campaigns
  • Highlight different USPs to test assets at scale
  • Have flexibility to adapt your content based on your needs
Example of Boomerang's campaign for CarNext, making use of creative automation.
For one video, we can generate 55,296 extra variations through the Storyteq platform. This helps our clients test the best performing asset.
Thom Specth, Digital Producer at Boomerang
Thom Specht
Digital Producer at Boomerang

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