Goal: Lead generation
Brunel is a service provider specializing in flexible deployment for a wide range of professions. Instead of creating one video for a specific profession, they want to become more relevant with their video ads and make sure they are shown to the right person.

Case Video

Dynamic Elements


Job sector

Call to action


We launched a video retargeting campaign in which we personalized the video elements based on the search behavior of website visitors. Scenes are adjusted to the type of profession visitors looked for (ranging from Finance to MarCom and Tech), the text is based on the location and job sector and the call-to-action varies on how deep the website visitor went into the website (ranging from ‘sign up for the newsletter’ to ‘apply now’). With dynamic video ads Brunel showed relevant videos to each target group. All videos are in the same style, yet, adjusted to each viewer to generate more leads to the website.

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