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How Boomerang put dynamic content at the core of their strategy, enabling creative optimization for over 50 clients.

Learn how Boomerang, the creative agency that works with Perfetti and Heineken, decided to adopt Creative Automation not only to avoid project bottlenecks but to enhance their project outcomes.
Saving time and money is just a bonus.

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“There are some challenges that drove our agency to use Creative Automation as an advertising strategy: Lots of creative resources can be wasted due to necessary but repetitive handling, with little added creative value. Additionally, clients are demanding more without paying more and they need it faster because of the quickly changing media landscape.”

Bo The,
CEO at Boomerang, part of Publicis Groupe

The Problem

Boomerang were experiencing:


A need for more relevant, personalized, and market-specific digital creative assets


A slow and inefficient way of manually versioning these numerous assets


A curiosity around identifying a more productive and cost-efficient workflow

Our Promise


A smooth onboarding process


Regular collaboration with Boomerang to address their needs


Company growth in terms of output and revenue

The Proof


More “efficient” digital creative assets


Better performance from their media spend


Less stress associated with deadlines

The Problem

Consider all of the stress-inducing circumstances you encounter as Global Digital Director or Head of Production at a top creative agency with huge clients. You are used to delivering creative assets on extremely tight deadlines and have become accustomed to the daily chaos of dealing with high volumes of these, usually briefed last minute.

Today, digital advertising throws up more demands than ever, as your designers and editors spend an unreasonable amount of time manually creating multiple versions of the digital creative assets you need. This could include resizing, changing formats, adding new messaging, or swapping scenes, and these changes could be automated.

You wonder if there are ways to ease that pressure without simply spending more money on more people, or outsourcing.

So why wouldn’t this agency invest in a solution like Storyteq, where time-consuming repetitive tasks become a matter solved within minutes? Fear of automating creativity or fear of cannibalizing the business?

Bo The, CEO at Boomerang, had insight on how it is a natural step for an agency focussed on content creation online:

“We were already used to making a lot of creative assets because all of our social campaigns consist of multiple versions of these digital assets. However, we were making these manually and there is a tipping point when you need to make 100 or 1000 or 10,000, and you realize it is simply a matter of scalability to switch to automation.”

Our Promise

The Storyteq cloud-based Creative Automation platform is built upon three pillars:


We create powerful and customizable templates. through the Storyteq template builder and After Effects extension, using your master files.


We scale variations of these creative assets (premium video, HTML5 banners, statics), depending on whatever element it is you need changed: sizing, text, prices, voiceovers, images or entire scenes.


We deliver these multiplied variations when, after review, you connect and upload the media to your favorite distribution channels, directly from our platform.

The Proof

Meet Boomerang: a leading creative agency that specializes in connecting brands and people, working with global clients such as Heineken, L’Oreal, and Carnext. Due to the nature of their clients, such as alcohol brands, they have a constant need for more creative assets which are market-specific. 


Boomerang needed a solution to uncap their bottleneck problem, and because they were already familiar with making lots of different versions of their creative assets, they realized that their solution should be about formulating smarter concepts that are designed to be automated. The answer was templating.


Boomerang has been a trailblazer since using Creative Automation as early as 2018. They have now built a dynamics team of over 20 people, and there are particular people in their post-production team who are fully dedicated to dynamic campaigns. They bring the scale.

As acquired recently by Publicis Groupe, Boomerang is now expanding their use of Creative Automation in global campaigns by Heineken to their other brands such as Birra Moretti, Desperado, and Sol.


As Bo explained, it’s a “different way of working”, one in which you do not wait for the results but continually optimize results in an ongoing way based on the many assets produced which are sent to market at a much quicker rate.

Moving forward, fast.

“We’re not only focussing on time and savings but we are focussing on more efficient assets. So we are asking, ‘How can we optimize the assets?’ That is where the money is made. If I can create an ad that is twice as efficient, then my media spend is twice as efficient. For example, with the Heineken Amplify campaign, we get the results of all of the assets, and then we see which assets are not performing and then we do an analysis on why they don’t perform. And then based on those learnings we can generate new assets.”

Bo The,
CEO at Boomerang, part of Publicis Groupe

About Storyteq

Storyteq helps digital creative leads and marketing teams in top global brands to scale their creative production so they can improve their creative workflows, stay on-brand, and go-to-market faster. 

Are you working in an agency and struggling to meet deadlines?

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